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Is your company preparing to commercialize your healthcare product abroad?

5 Case Studies in Medical Translation and Localization

Translation is the first step to take when commercializing a product to a new foreign speaking clientele; however by itself it is not as powerful as localization. Localization takes translation to the next level by emphasizing cultural differences and making the product equally familiar in every region. 

When it comes to medical documents translation, variations in procedures can make localization a daunting task for any medical-device manufacturer, medical software solutions provider, pharmaceutical company, clinical research organization or healthcare services provider.

Some of the major challenges that you may face while localizing a healthcare product are:

  • Coping with the different regulations for each country.
  • Keeping up with constantly changing regulatory requirements.
  • Dealing with inaccurate translations which could have fatal consequences in the medical industry.
  • Implementing the wrong localization process alienating international prospects and increasing long term localization costs.

To get more familiar with the translation and localization process that your medical product, document or software must go through, register to the prerecorded “Healthcare Product Localization” webinar.

You will learn:

  • Healthcare product localization best practices.
  • The dos and don’ts in software development before localization.
  • How to implement and manage the In-Country Review (ICR) process.
  • How to communicate your requirements to your language services provider (LSP).
  • What to expect and how to collaborate with a professional LSP.

Reserve your spot now and benefit from GlobalVision’s extensive experience working with medical industry leaders.

Medical Translation

Whitepaper: 5 Case Studies in Medical Translation and Localization

A 10 minute read will help you understand some of the challenges involved in medical translation services and how to overcome them!

You can also register and immediately view the 15 minute free Healthcare Translation webinar.

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