Multilingual Websites SEO

How to Build Useful International Backlinks

Multilingual Websites SEOSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of techniques that web professionals use to elevate their website’s ranking and visibility within search engines. If a website appears on the first page of the search results for a relevant keyword, it means that it is well optimized. Similarly, Multilingual websites SEO helps rank web sites on global search engines. 

Multilingual Websites Search Engine Marketing

When expanding a website’s reach to new global audiences, the whole Search Engine Marketing strategy (SEM) should be reconsidered. As a matter of fact, the keywords and Meta tags that were relevant in local search won’t be effective in international and regional searches.

The implementation of a well planned localization process becomes crucial for your web globalization success. During this process a research will be conducted about the best keywords that your new audience will use to find your website. This includes learning about this target market’s online behavior as well as the terminology that they use to describe products similar to yours. Afterwards, the keywords will be translated and used consistently in all translated texts, such as page titles, description, company overview, articles, blogs etc…

Web Site Localization

Website localization, if performed without keeping the search engine optimization techniques in mind, will lead to significant costs escalation and delays in the global multilingual web site rollout schedules.

Thus, follow the below recommendations for a smoother SEO strategy localization:

  1. Identify all industry-specific source language keywords.
  2. Assign them for proper translation and optimization for specific regions and search engines.
  3. Share the translated keywords in an online portal that enables all the international stakeholders, partners, suppliers, public relations staff, editors to have access to them and use them. They will become the backlinks backbone of your SEO strategy!
  4. Continue to use these keywords frequently and consistently in your online content to boost your SERP (Search Engine Result Page) positioning.

Website Translation vs. Multilingual Websites SEO

To web page translate is no longer sufficient! A key objective of a global website is not necessarily just to disseminate information to your global audience, but to also generate global leads and convergences. This is why multilingual websites SEO is so important. Find out how to achieve this goal with our experts’ “Taking Your Website Global” 30 minutes prerecorded webinar. Watch it here for free. Also, check out a sample copy of Enabling Globalization, one of the leading localization eBooks on Amazon.

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