Whitepaper & Webinar Help Companies Deliver Accurate Translation

5 case studies addressing the difficulties medical device and pharmaceutical companies face while pursuing international growth

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Westborough, MA – November 5, 2014, GlobalVision International Inc., a leading provider of technical translation services has released a new whitepaper covering the best practices in medical translation and localization. It helps life-science companies achieve accurate translation.

Medical Translation Whitepaper

Constituted of 5 real life case studies, this whitepaper addresses the difficulties that medical and pharmaceutical companies face while exporting and introducing medical devices, software and other medical products and services to their international clients. Moreover, it describes the solutions provided by GlobalVision to overcome each individual challenge assuring a confident product rollout to global markets.

These case studies discuss challenges relating to worldwide patient recruitment, global pharmaceutical packaging, consistent international medical device documentation, simultaneous release of medical products, and the proper localization of medical devices with embedded software.

“Due to significant liabilities, the constantly changing regulatory requirements in each country, as well as the intercultural barriers companies face when selling their products abroad, accurate translation and localization in life-science related fields can be extremely challenging,” says Nabil Freij president of GlobalVision International, Inc. “This whitepaper and webinar focus on solutions to these problems, facilitating the successful rollout of medical-related products worldwide!”

Recorded Medical Translation Webinar

The whitepaper is available via a free download at 5 Case Studies in Medical Translations and a live or recorded webinar at healthcare Translation webinar, allowing translation and localization professionals in the healthcare industry to learn more about the medical localization and translation process with the ability to ask questions relating to their specific needs.

Why Choose GlobalVision?

To put it simply, experience! We are professional project managers, subject-matter-expert linguists, voice talents, typesetters and engineers. We’ve been performing top quality translation, transcration, localization, voice-over and typesetting for 20+ years. We can separate art (language) from science (format and code) and then fuse them together seamlessly and efficiently. This allows your words to be meaningful and presentable in all languages. Our quality and customer service are second to none in the industry with 97+% first time success rate and 100% client satisfaction. We have the data to prove it!

Medical Translation

Whitepaper: 5 Case Studies in Medical Translation and Localization

A 10 minute read will help you understand some of the challenges involved in medical translation services and how to overcome them!

You can also register and immediately view the 15 minute free Healthcare Translation webinar.

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