The Real Meaning of “Client Responsive Translation”!

Client responsive

This week, I received the following email from a client of ours:

“Hello, this note is long overdue; in the years that I have been responsible for our translations I have had the unique pleasure to partner with both your project and account managers on our projects.  They continue to amaze me that how client responsive they are in getting our projects estimated and completed.

The recent project, which ever changing requirements, was just one example of their professionalism is meeting impossible due dates.  What I especially appreciate is their follow-up, commitment to quality, and responsiveness. They catch those details that can make or break a project.

There is another dimension that is important to mention.  Both are the consummate professionals when dealing with our internal folks, here in the U.S. and global.  I totally trust their interaction with our internal clients; it has saved me numerous hours of work!

Last but not least, I have learned so much from both them.  They have educated me in a way that hopefully makes the front end process easier for them.  As I educate our internal clients, I have used what I learned from both of them.  The project manager, especially, helped me create a translations guidelines process that I use now to explain the entire process to someone asking for translations.

You must be extremely proud of your team!  I am!  They make my job so much easier and it’s as if I had two colleagues helping me in this fast-paced environment we all live in today.

Thank you!”

It takes a special person burdened with Senior VP level responsibilities who prefers to be anonymous to take the time to share this input with us. It does make us proud to know that our clients appreciate our efforts. It definitely makes our long workdays worthwhile!

The attention to detail and aim to please is part of a culture that we have carefully engrained in our habits over the past 18 years in business. Even though we target 100% satisfaction, we don’t always succeed; we are only human! But we come very close. When we fall short, our clients should rest assured that it is not for lack of intention or efforts and that everything that can be done will be done to rectify the situation.

Indeed, the project and account managers are essential to the success of our clients’ projects, but recognition doesn’t stop with them. Involved are hundreds of unsung champions from translators, to editors, to voice-over actors, to engineering and layout staff that work so hard day-in and day-out to meet our commitments to our clients with responsive translation,  and more importantly, to their international clients!