Translation Projects Multitasking

You wish any project in hand could run as a reality show for you to watch and maybe contribute a little afterwards.

Translation Projects Multitasking

Unfortunately, the translation business is “slightly” different than show business.

But don’t despair! Keeping track of your translation projects and getting successful results is possible, yet easy if you know the below:

Process Transparency is Essential

Many first time clients only care to have the translation project delivered on time ignoring any need for their involvement. Keep in mind that more often than not, the documents subject to translation may undergo one or more changes during the localization process. Hence, experienced consumers of localization services reject the black-box approach and demand constant visibility into the entire localization schedule so that they can make educated last minute decisions involving releases or change orders.

Translation Management Systems Are a Must

Concluding from the paragraph above, to track your translations, your vendor must work with a TMS, and consequently, provide you an access to it. A good Translation Management System is designed to host and facilitate localization and translation projects for all stakeholders– clients, translators, localizers, vendors and partners. They give users secure 24/7 access to project information and assets via a simple web browser and preferably require no software or administrative tasks from its users.

The Right Localization Strategy is Rewarding

Depending on your industry, document type and deadlines, your translation services partner company shall advise you regarding the optimum localization strategy. Tracking your translation project should go beyond a one-time use. If your company operates internationally and often requires professional translations, establishing a customized localization strategy will help you get familiar with the process, set expectations in the early stages of the project and facilitate the communications between all parties involved.

The last advice will be our All-time favorite: Always Plan Ahead. Planning for your translations and engaging your translation services provider in the planning will save you much more money and time than you imagine. Here are our tips on how to Plan and Budget for your translation and localization projects. It will help you plan and multitask!