Professional Translations Not Enough

3 Steps to reach your international audience online

Multilingual Multimedia Professional translations

Multimedia has gained much momentum on social media and web platforms. Videos are more likely to go viral than text, and text is more likely to catch fire if delivered in local languages. These trends have been further accelerated with the proliferation of broadband across the word and there is no point of return. The old adage “publish or perish” is now pushed into the multilingual multimedia domain! Are you looking to target your clients more effectively online? Professional translations are no longer enough! Here are three suggestions to consider if you have a global vision.

1. Multilingual Multimedia

You don’t have any multimedia content? What are you waiting for? Sites like YouTube, Slidshare and others get millions of visitors to their sites on a daily basis, so don’t miss out on getting your share!

If you are already ahead of the curve and have useful multimedia content, then translate it and add voice in 13 languages to your presentations, flash, videos and e-learning assets. Not taking advantage of multimedia assets worldwide is not using your strongest assets effectively!

2. Window to the World

Is your website localized worldwide? Great! If you can’t afford a full multilingual website, increase your worldwide reach at a fraction of the cost! You can create and translate one web page into 13 languages giving you online access to over 80% of the world’s internet users. Which 13 languages? Click on the header above to find out!

3. e-Book Conversion

For years Amazon has been selling more eBooks than hard copies at a lower price and making higher profit margins. Eliminating printing, storing, shipping and logistics costs saves a lot!

Are your guides, manuals and other collateral in electronic formats? They have to be since they all originate from authoring software from Microsoft, Adobe and others. Eliminate your printing and shipping budgets. International users prefer an eBook in their language than prints in yours!

Where to Get Professional Translations?

Look beyond professional translation, localization and desktop publishing services (Document translation services, Software Localization opens in a new window services and Website Translation services). With highly skilled staff handling professional Translations, Transcreation, Voice Over and Multilingual Electronic Productions, you can reduce your costs, improve quality and/or meet your clients’ demanding deadlines!

If you are looking for a U.S. Translation Company that can handle your multilingual multimedia professional translations, you have arrived!

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