Global Patient Recruitment Requires Scientific Translation Services

Regulatory approvals in global patient recruitment efforts for clinical trials

Scientific Translation ServicesDue to economical constraints and global requirements, more patient recruitment companies managing trials involving participants from a number of foreign countries, requiring data and information to not only be translated correctly but to be medically precise and culturally sensitive. They require precise scientific translation services that not many companies can deliver.

Global Patient Recruitment

A large portion of the communication in the clinical trial process takes place between clinicians and patients. Depending on the study site and the level of literacy of the patients, the patient-facing material must be translated to match their reading levels, and the cultural component is equally important.  Poor translations or lack of cultural sensitivity in translating questions will result in inadequate or inaccurate data.

The trial is the most definitive method of assessing whether an intervention has the postulated effect. The patient reported outcomes typically present the greatest challenge and require the greatest level of understanding to be applied to the interpretation of the results of said treatments. These are often strongly subjective and require clear, concise and accurately translated data and feedback.

Translation Challenges

Making the process challenging is that the companies in receipt of such data, are often obtaining these data in many formats and programs making consolidation and the back-and-forth questions to be done in a number of languages tricky to manage.

Rapid expansion into diverse cultures and languages adds significant complexity to the clinical trial process. Also important to note is that very often clinical trials are conducted in areas where less common languages are in use. When it comes to clinical trials and life-science translation services, GlobalVision supports these languages as well.

For one of our clinical trial clients, we managed the process and minimized the risk normally introduced through their extensive internal review process. To allow this, client’s files were prepared in table format where the English source was in one column and the translation in the following column.

This can result in a slightly more challenging engineering and layout process, but it does facilitate interaction with a wide variety of reviewers, and minimizes errors.

Scientific Translation Services

Accurate scientific translation services is a great start, but in the case of patient recruitment, insufficient! Look for a translation company that can provide accurate scientific translations, but also has the ability to simplify them to be understand by laymen and deal with their cultural nuances. In the life-science and medical industry, accurately translating scientific data and synthesizing it into an 8th grade level text are of paramount importance!

Medical Translation

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