Life Science Document Translation Services – What to Keep in Mind?

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As described in our previous post, hiring accurate Scientific Translation Service is not the only thing to look for when taking life-science products or services across borders. There are many factors involved including simplifying the translation when needed to patients, and adapting the translated text for cultural nuances required by each region, country or locale. But there is another requirement that often evades content producers. It involves maintaining the accuracy of life science document translation

Dealing with Varying Country Needs While Remaining Compliant

Technical writers and authors produce content for their companies under tight deadlines. They often do that with little regard to the varying needs of other countries. They then provide content to translators to translate into the required languages. With each translation project, competent translators create a translation database where they enter and store translations. The databases should hence contain the comprehensive set of source and translated text. This enables quick reuse of already translated text into new or updated documents. It hence saves time and money, and improves translation consistency.

A common occurrence that takes place after translation is the need for varying countries to alter the translated source text. They do this to meet what they regard as their “specific” needs. At times, in-country reviewers affiliated with the company that owns the content take liberties in adjusting what the company originally intended. It is contrary to corporate instructions, and as importantly, against regulatory requirements.

By keeping the source text under your control and the target text under the full control of your translation and localization group you can minimize issues with regulated bodies. You can also allow the discovery of any significant changes made to the text in such a way that it no longer represents the original. This is even after receiving the modified text or specific feedback. GlobalVision has a specific process for tracking translation change requests.

Life Science Document Translation Services Unique Benefits

The implemented process should also enable updating the translation database to facilitate correct translation reuse. It also allows future updates of the product to proceed efficiently into all required languages. All this while maintaining the valid feedback that your in-country staff took the time to communicate. It is very distressing to them to learn that their hard work in reading then applying and communicating modification to your product documentation have to be redone with each new product release!

International requirements often differ from local ones. Product variations are very common across countries. Medical language translations are not easy to accomplish. Take the necessary measures to apply and track the needed changes to fully satisfy your international users. Do this without angering your compliance group or regulatory bodies!

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