Properly Translate Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Packaging & Inserts

Translate Healthcare Pharmaceutical PackagingPharmaceutical products cost companies billions of dollars to develop, numerous years of clinical trials and ample red tape to win the approvals of international regulatory bodies. Finalizing the packaging and inserts should take into considering the local requirements for each of the countries it will be sold into. Translating healthcare pharmaceutical packages and inserts should not be overlooked.

Most countries require packages and inserts to be translated into the local language. Going into different languages therefore makes typesetting and formatting of pharmaceutical packaging material and inserts challenging, particularly with smaller packages.

Before Printing Pharmaceutical Packaging and Inserts

Professional typesetters have to consider spacing limitations and special local regulatory requirements. In some cases, braille opens in a new window has to be implemented to help visually impaired patients read the packaging. You should know that braille varies with each language.

In their support of packaging and supplemental support documentation, professional healthcare translation companies have the experience and flexibility to know what is involved and turnaround translations and layout changes to meet all international requirements and in the most cost effective manner.

Professional Healthcare Translation Services are not Enough!

GlobalVision supports every DTP/Layout program you may use. Our professional desktop publishing (DTP) team has the experience and know-how to get you through all typesetting, layout and printing steps that are necessary to get your pharmaceutical products ready for shipping worldwide! Furthermore our Labeling, Custom Printing, and Packaging Services can help reduce your time to market in many countries.  When you are ready to translate your healthcare pharmaceutical products, talk to us. Our pharmaceutical and biotech clients have appreciated and benefited from this level of attention to detail over the years.

Medical Translation

Whitepaper: 5 Case Studies in Medical Translation and Localization

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