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Today, software is ubiquitous. Companies in Life-Science industries have awakened to the benefits of incorporating software into their products to add features, make them configurable or facilitate their use. Since the Medical Device Directive from the European Community, 2007/47/EC, they’ve had to localize their software to be able to sell products in the EU.

But many medical devices have limited display real estate creating constraints on the length of the translated text. It is common knowledge that strings tend to increase significantly in size after translation turning that limited real estate into a real challenge to the translators. Proper abbreviations and acronyms will have to be used without confusing the end-user.

Also, optimally, with each software localization project, you should provide instructions on maximum string length, screen capture samples of the User Interface and any reference materials to help the translator better understand the context surrounding the user interface text. This is to avoid inaccurate or out of context translations from taking place. Consider this: an error interpreting a word as a verb, as opposed to a noun, and by the way, many words in English can be both, can have serious meaning consequences in the localized software highlighting the importance of localization QA.

Furthermore, medical companies worldwide have been marrying software, electronics, mechanics, optics and other technologies to develop high-end solutions in an effort to create value and build barriers of entry. This creates more challenges for translators as they need to be experts in varying scientific translations and fields to be able to understand and accurately convey the intended product use in all required languages!

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Over 20 years, GlobalVision has amassed tremendous experience in Software Localization and Medical Translations.  We can provide you best practices in software development before localization to minimize the common problems and limitation. Our Translators are subject matter experts in medical and other fields. Our Engineering staff and Project Managers are very experienced with many Technologies & File Types and will make sure that your projects are delivered on time, on budget and with the maximum quality possible every time! With our advanced processes we will all strive to save you precious time and costs.


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