Localization of Websites: 10 Tips on Choosing

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Localization of WebsitesMany executives underestimate the importance of localization of websites. They work on making their global website the center of a strong international marketing strategy. In the previous post 10 Tips on Choosing Website Translation Services, we discussed the first 5 tips. Here  are the next five.

6.   When Localizing Your Website, Keep its DNA Intact!

Assuming you were able to secure a budget and perform the necessary web page translations, what if your anticipated web international traffic does not materialized? You’ve put in all that effort and expense. Now what?

Failing to generate international traffic is likely due to not having an international keyword strategy in place before performing web page translation. Keywords are the DNA of the website. Their safe preservation during the web localization process is crucial! Without a proper international keyword strategy, increasing web traffic will remain a gamble.

7.   SEO For Multilingual Websites

In competitive markets, you may still not show up on the first page of Google or other prominent intentional search engines. This is even if you do all you can to properly optimize the content on your pages. A strategy to facilitate adding backlinks should be handled during and after the translation process.

Any competent localization of web sites service provider knows that off-page optimization is just as important as on-page optimization. They should have the right tools and processes in place to help you execute effectively.

8.   Transcreation vs. Language Translation for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads

Often companies rely on pay-per-click advertising to complement their organic lead generation strategy. It is a costly practice, but will generate immediate results, if implemented correctly. Companies that are localizing web sites should also consider translating their pay per click campaigns. Why? Doing it with the right outfit will save you a lot of money on ads!

When translating PPC ads, you cannot simply use translation, you have to use transcreation, or your ads campaign will generate no significant leads. Also, due to character limits and word restrictions in these ads, one has to be very cautious in meeting that limit during translation for the ads to be usable. Creativity is essential in the translation process, hence the term transcreation!

9.   Are You Spending Too Much on AdWords?

An effective AdWords campaign requires the use of effective keywords, ads and landing pages. Using English keywords in a Spanish speaking country is not effective. So is using Spanish keywords linked to an English ad and landing page. Each target country has to have its properly localized ad campaign!

The cost of a click varies in different countries and using native language words can generate better leads than using English or other non-native languages. Working with the right website localization service provider will enable you to optimize your keywords list based on your website keywords and local search engine data, and offer proper transcreation of ads and translation of landing pages.

10. International Search Engine Marketing – How to Do it Right!

You finally succeed in getting international visibility online and leads and requests for quotes and information are now pouring in from all over the world! Congratulations, for you have achieved what you set out to do! But can you now handle the flood of international inquiries in all the foreign languages from the countries you are targeting?

Localization of Websites

Don’t worry, this is a great problem to have, particularly when you are working with the right website localization service provider. They can connect you with the right tools and resources to handle these international inquiries and reply to them promptly and professionally.

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