GlobalVision Releases Whitepaper To Help Properly Localize Websites

10 Tips to Advance Your Global Web Presence - How to take control of your worldwide digital marketing strategy

Taking Website GlobalWestborough, MA, January 25, 2016 – GlobalVision International, Inc., a quality provider of technical translation services specializing in medical translation, software localization, website globalization, multilingual multimedia production, marketing collateral translation and transcreation, announces the availability of a new whitepaper titled 10 Tips to Advance Your Global Web Presence and take control of your worldwide digital marketing strategy.

Many executives underestimate the importance of website localization and what is involved in making a global website the center of a strong international marketing strategy. A the same time, many translation companies localize websites by offering translation, review, formatting, quality assurance and publishing/serving pages on their or clients’ web servers. This is why many companies get lost looking for the right translation vendor to localize a website. They are also often unsure about who can advance their global web presence while keeping full control of their worldwide digital marketing strategy.

“The whitepaper 10 Tips to Advance Your Global Web Presence – Take control of your worldwide digital marketing strategy gives aspiring international companies 10 tangible tips to help them appreciate the challenges ahead of translating or localizing their website, and guides them through the process of making it the central piece of their global digital marketing strategy,” said Nabil Freij, President of GlobalVision.

Complementing the whitepaper, GlobalVision offers a free live and recorded webinar titled: Taking Your Website Global. A preview of the webinar along with its registration are offered online at The webinar is offered every Wednesday at 9 AM and 2 PM Eastern Time to accommodate audiences in different time zones of the world.

GlobalVision is highly skilled in providing professional TranslationsLocalizationVoice Over and Multilingual Electronic Productions and would freely provide a copy of its whitepaper and discuss how its methodology can help reduce costs, improve quality and/or meet clients’ demanding deadlines!

About GlobalVision

GlobalVision International, Inc. ( specializes in providing Translation and Localization solutions to all industries including the highly technical medical, engineering, manufacturing and software… GlobalVision has over 20 years of experience in the translation and localization business. Throughout the years, they built a strong, competent and flexible team of subject matter native translators and professional dedicated project managers who can convert your products and localize websites into 100+ languages quickly, accurately and cost effectively.