Globalization: How Translating Companies Are Helping Businesses

The Growing Demand for Video Translation Services

Globalization Translating CompanyGlobalization is a process that involves integration and interaction among individuals, governments and companies. The process is driven by investment and international trade. Many businesses have embraced globalization and placed themselves strategically in order to capitalize on its benefits. One key component of the process is communication, which has an immense impact on the success of a business that intends to operate in overseas markets. Conducting business worldwide presents the challenge of effectively communicating with people, who sometimes speak more than one different language and have a dissimilar culture.

Therefore, the need for businesses to prioritize communicating effectively and efficiently with the employees, partners, customers and suppliers is growing immensely. If not, language barriers have the potential to hamper operations and consequently, may have a negative impact with a company. Fortunately, enlisting the use of a translation company’s services can help to bridge communication and help increase productivity, within different cultural groups.

The Need for Translating Companies

Many top brands such as Coke, Apple, Facebook, Yahoo, and Twitter have expanded into global markets. This move has helped them to reach a wider market and has boosted their business. Jeff Chin and Brad Ellis, YouTube Product Managers, in regards to the benefit of translation said “you can increase your audience by reaching more people around the world.” The company has continued to grow year after year and attracted more viewers by using audio-video translation services. Translation has been deemed as a vital factor because services must be comprehensive to serve the needs of the target audience. Consumers across the globe, want everything in terms that they prefer, such as communicating in their own language.

Therefore, Business Analysts and experts have emphasized the need to choose professional translating companies to translate content. Most companies that offer translation services deal with digital text in the form of documents, software, websites, manuals, and multiple media presentations that require translators or voice talents. Professional companies are able to offer quality services and have years of experience dealing with corporations in high-tech sectors ranging from software, healthcare, media, manufacturing to professional services. Video translation services are also provided, depending on the requirements of a client. In general, translation decisions should be driven by market requirements, with the target audience and the specific solution.

Another reason that the demand for language-translation services is increasing is because as businesses are expanding their operations across the globe, companies have to have different motivations for translating content. For example, some of the content that in need is facilitating overseas business partnerships, expanding their market reach, and selling to international consumers. Knowing the importance of the communication, some companies opt to translate content simply for the sake of its employees. For instance, Starbucks always adopts measures that are geared towards protecting its employees and customers. All aspects that it conducts are done with the consideration of its staff, which is why it translates its Human Resources material.

International businesses have realized the importance of translating content and have become more specific about the content they are translating and its audience. According to Dougal Cameron, the chief operating officer of Pubsoft, “there’s more of a focus on why content is translated for a specific audience. A good translation can make a huge difference in how content is received.” He acknowledges that translation is important, which is why it should be done in the right way. A low quality translation can end up ruining the impression of a business. Simply put, poor quality translation can negatively impact branding and the solution is to use a translation service.

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