The Case for Professional Document Translation

Localize your products to spread across the globe like wildfire!

Professional Document Translation global wildfireOver the years, businesses have become more global and ethnically diverse because they have realized the importance of expanding their market base in order to increase their revenues and profits. The increased demand for translators has been fueled by the need to reach a global audience. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the job outlook, which represents the projected change in employment from 2014 to 2024, is roughly 29% which is faster than the average growth rate of all the other occupations estimated at 7%. The statistics indicate the importance and demand for professional translators, despite the proliferation of machine translation options.

Lucy Jolin, (Guardian News and Media), states “the benefits of being able to communicate with overseas clients, suppliers, and buyers are huge – as are the costs of lacking that facility.” Research studies have shown that companies lose out on the chance to make immense profit by not reaching out to a broader market, which is attributed to the lack of language skills. However, breaking language barriers has become easier with the help of professional translation agencies.

Business experts insist on the need to choose the best document translation service because brands depend on their reputations, which is why the translation company that is chosen should be able to reflect the brand in a positive light. Consequently, the importance of selecting a well-regarded professional translation agency has become paramount, due to the demand for high-quality translation services. The need to pick a professional document translation service agency cannot be over-emphasized because it has numerous benefits.

The Importance of a Professional Document Translation

Communication technology has helped to shrink the globe. However, one boundary has always been language. In the past, businesses could only spread to regions where people speak the same language as the main host country. Fortunately, professional translation services have offered a solution that involves translation, which makes it possible to breach the divide and to reach a wider audience by effectively communicating content to different potential clients.

Several companies including big and popular brands, have lost money and damaged their reputation by choosing the wrong service provider or individuals to deal with the translation of their content. Such outcomes, are a huge set-back and have negatively affected them. An evaluation of lessons learned the hard way, can often reveal that investing in a good translation company is crucial.

Translation is not an easy thing and a common misconception, is that any individual who can speak multiple languages can translate. However, the best and most qualified translators have many years of experience and vast knowledge of the language. Nataly Kelly, the author of Found in Translation states “professional translators take great care to ensure that the message resonates with a foreign audience as the original author intended it to.” That means that document translation services should not affect or alter the meaning, but instead should pass the same exact message a company intends to communicate to the target audience.

Professional translation agencies ideally have translators, who have professional translation qualifications and they have tested them for quality. Moreover, many of the translators are certified and have additional qualifications in a variety of fields; we call them subject matter experts, or SMEs. The qualifications and skills of the translators help to ensure that messages are translated accurately. A company that operates in global markets should always ensure that the same message is relayed to its different consumers and stakeholders, which can easily be achieved only by getting a professional document translation service involved. Don’t stand in your products’ way; localize them to spread across the globe like wildfire!

10 Tips On Achieving Quality in Translation and Localization10 Tips on Achieving Quality in Localization and Translation

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