March 2016

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  • Voice Over Translation, Lip-Sync, Dubbing & Subtitles

    voice over translationWhen translating videos, flash or eLearning content that include audio tracks, there are a number of techniques designed to deal with the multidimensional obstacles that will be encountered. Voice translation often involves voice over, dubbing as well as lip-syncing, all of which are distinct and require professional services. Even subtitles, which use some of the same techniques but have their own idiosyncrasies, require close attention to detail of the professional variety. All four of these techniques of audio translation and localization will be briefly explored.

  • Web Page Translation by Homo sapiens

    we page translation homo spiansWhen business people approach webpage translation, they often do so from a position that’s simple and straightforward — thinking that all the translator has to do is change the words, maybe adjust for some grammar differences between languages here and there, and voilà, the translation is done. Easy, right? Well, not so fast. There are a few pitfalls newbies to webpage translation can easily avoid if they understand a little about how languages (in general) and translation companies actually work. Here’s some advice that should help you out.

  • Top Translation Companies to Help Pinterest Expand Internationally

    Translation Company on PinterestPinterest is having a difficult time growing its business internationally. Valued at $11 billion, the startup is one of the few prominent tech companies that was able to overcome the struggles of an unpredictable global economy. This accomplishment is impressive, considering that the business is only six years old. To cater to global markets, the startup opened offices in London, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo and São Paulo.

  • Enjoy Video Games? Thank Simultaneous Translations!

    Simultaneous Translations of Games Global technological advances bring people together. In the world of gaming, players that literally span the planet can team up in a single multiplayer effort conducted during real time. Through innovations like this, cultures are steadily becoming more familiar with one another. As a result, international markets continue to grow; and perhaps this is the reason technology products like Sony’s Playstation franchise often come accompanied with simultaneous release dates in multiple countries.

  • African Translation Services’ Benefits to Western Businesses

    African Translation ServicesMany Western businesses have set their sights on the African continent as a new frontier for business and the reasons that are attributed to the increased focus on the continent are the improved political environments, the rich opportunities that have not yet been exploited, and the above average GDP growth rates. Consequently, the governments of those countries have adopted multiple tools and strategies aimed at reforming their economies, and making the business environment more conducive. The strategies adopted have worked to a wide degree and have instilled investor confidence in the region.

  • Certified Document Translation vs. Xerox Automatic Translation

    Translate DocumentsMachine translation services, like Google Translate, are seeding the market for document translation by offering virtually free solutions to gist translations. Another company that hopes to provide a similar type of service is Xerox. Last year, the brand raked in over $18 billion in revenue in the document technology sector. Now the establishment wants to penetrate the translation space through the launch of Easy Translation Service.

  • Italian Translation and Italian Words in Foreign Languages

    Maserati Italian TranslationItalian is a Romance language — and the closest living language to Latin, the progenitor of all of the Romance languages, from French, Galician and Portuguese to Catalan, Romanian and Spanish, plus many more. The influence of Latin, and in modern times Italian, is monumental. And so it should be obvious that Italian translation, and the numerous Italian words that have found their ways into non-Italian tongues, should be globally significant (from cultural and translation perspectives) as well.

  • eLearning Localization – 3 Case Studies

    eLearning TranslationAs the cost of education continues to skyrocket in the U.S., many in government and public sectors are looking for ways to lower these costs while maintaining and improving the value and quality of educational services. With the advent of broadband and lower costs of multimedia productions, eLearning content has exploded over the internet and is finding its way now worldwide. But in an effort to lower costs, don’t loose sight of what is important! Below are three companies that are pushing the boundaries of their products through eLearning localization services.

  • The Challenges of Technical vs. Creative Translation

    Technical translation service Golden GateYevgeny Yevtushenko is famous for the quote “translation is like a woman. If it is beautiful, it is not faithful. If it is faithful, it is most certainly not beautiful.” On a broader scale, the quote points to two questions. Should translators try to produce text that is similar to the original version, or should they take it upon themselves to produce something different based on their interpretation of the text?