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BMW Speeds Up Localization in China

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Localization and manufacturing website translations require a strong sense of urgency, especially in highly competitive markets. An example of a brand that is leveraging the power of localization in a foreign region is BMW.

The car manufacturing company recently expressed its intentions on numerous media outlets about the establishment’s plans to expedite localization in China opens in a new window. Based on previous BMW reports, the country is currently its biggest single market in the world. When it comes to rankings, the business is ahead of Mercedes-Benz, but behind Audi (in China, specifically in the premium car provider sector).

“BMW remains fully committed to China, the most important marketplace, in our opinion. We will enhance our localization strategy, from fostering local talent to local production, all centered on the approach of ‘In China, by Chinese and for China’,” said BMW China President and CEO Olaf Kastner, during the launch of the new BMW 730Li limousines in the tropical city of Sanya.

BMW’s Localization Success in China

The car brand’s proactive approach to localization has paid off rewardingly in the past few years. Earlier this month, the company reported that sales in the region increased by 8.4 percent year-on-year to 43,441 cars. This is an indication that the business is able to convey its offerings to local consumers with ease. In 2015, it was able to move 464,000 vehicles in the country- an increase by 1.7 percent. To accommodate energy-conscious drivers, BMW will release a series of hybrids, namely the X1 and 7 Series plug-in hybrids. Helping build the infrastructure required to charge the vessels are local Chinese partners. This may seem like an experimental strategy to some, but the business is very much in tune with the needs of the Chinese market.

Energy productivity has been a growing concern in the country. To curb energy wastage, the government has implement several aggressive initiatives that are designed to promote the use of alternative energy. As a result, China is the only region that has been able to boost its GDP per unit of energy input by five percent per year for a quarter-century. Through localization, BMW has increased its awareness about such issues; and it is capitalizing on the trend by providing energy efficient solutions to driving.

Manufacturing Website Translations

The car company’s presence in China would not be complete without a localized website. Its online Chinese extension offers a variety of translated content, from relevant car information to legal guidelines on trademarks and data protection. “We will further align our strategy to the new market conditions and changing customer behaviors, optimize business models … and confidently explore new ways to reach and serve the new generation of customers who are born digital,” said Kastner. “In this context, we will continue our talent localization strategy, expand their experiences and put more local talent in important positions to drive our business forward.”

Businesses in automotive and other manufacturing industries can replicate BMW’s strategy by working closely with localization and manufacturing website translations. Such establishments can help ease complexities in communication from the mother language to the native language. To ensure quality translations, ISO9001 certified companies, like GlobalVision International, will provide a Certificate of Accuracy upon request.

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