April 2016

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  • Translation Agency: The Value of Investing in One

    Value of Translation AgencyMost U.S. executives, partly due to their monolingual upbringing (only 18% of Americans speak more than one language, versus 56% of Europeans according to research from the European Commission), do not fully grasp the benefits and complexities of translation. As a result, they compromise on translation because they view it as a commodity, which negatively influences decisions regarding it that are driven by price, rather than the need and value. However, one thing that executives overlook is that due to the changing dynamics brought about by globalization, the benefits of professional translation cannot be overemphasized. It is a small investment that has the potential to reap enormous gains.

  • Website Translation in Drupal and WordPress

    Translate Websites FreedomWe are often contacted by clients that want to localize their websites with the request for translators to translate directly into the content management system. Unfamiliar with export features in their system, they copy and paste content or give us access to their servers to fetch their words. Whether you use WordPress or Drupal, your web CMS offers features to facilitate the translation process, but the path to multilingual site release can be frustrating if you don’t know what to look for.

  • Understanding Chinese Voice Over and Subtitling

    Chinese Voice OverWhen it comes time for your business, website, joint venture or other projects to get into various Chinese-speaking markets, and begin (or continue) to work with Cantonese and Mandarin translation services as far as text-based, subtitle localization and voice over localization are concerned, it’s important that you understand some of the differences and nuances that exist in the Chinese language.

  • Demand for Professional Translation – Market Size

    Professional TranslatorThe translation industry has performed well in the past five years. In the U.S., its growth and popularity are attributed to globalization, which has prompted companies to take their products overseas, and to the large influx of non-native English speakers who have moved to the country. On a global scale, the demand for translation services has sharply risen. An analysis of the translation industry based on past statistics, future speculations, and projections reveals that translation services are in high demand, and the future of the sector is promising.

  • Asian Translation Services

    Language Translation in AsiaIf you do business, and are interested in technology and technological advancements coming out of the Asia Pacific, then you surely have an interest in the many languages spoken in the region — and translations to and from these languages.

  • Language Service Provider Values 5 Qualities

    US Translation CompanyHave you ever wondered why the price of translation varies significantly from one company to another? An evaluation of the translation industry reveals that the quality and price of translation vary to a large degree among human translators based on multiple factors. The most important ones are the following: education, experience, native status, location, access to tools and references, and applied effort. Here is a brief look at each.

  • Voice Over or Subtitle Localization? How About Both?

    voice over localizationWhile voice over localization can simplify or amplify information, subtitle localization can ensure their accurate dissemination. The one compliments the other. You’ve seen it before. A man is shown walking into an office with employees, and the narrated voice over the video describes what he’s doing, saying, etc. Meanwhile, as the narration continues, text at the bottom of the screen pops up corresponding to the conversation of those the camera’s following…