Document Translation Services in Emerging Market Economies

How Communication and Translation Foster Growth

Document Translation Services for Emerging MarketsWhen it comes to global business, and document translation services, it would be very hard (and foolish) to ignore emerging market economies, as the planet is chock-full of them. They actually account for around 80% of the world’s population. Businesspeople, investors, NGO workers, politicians, researchers, translators and many other professionals have taken note: Emerging market economies (EME) are where the translation growth, and the potential to make (and sometimes lose) large sums of money, resides.

Before we get into how document translation, legal translation and localization services can help those who work in, or work with emerging market economies, let’s take a closer look at how they’re essentially defined: At its core, an emerging market economy is an economy that is marching toward a higher per capita income, while developing or stabilizing financial regulatory institutions, usually with a single national currency, and a government that allows some access to open markets, banks and other organizations that investors look for, and need. The truly interesting thing about emerging market economies is how diverse the list can be: The traditional BRICS powerhouses — Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa — currently claim EME status, as does Nigeria, Indonesia, Mexico, the Philippines and Turkey, or even a very globally competitive (and technologically dominant) society like South Korea.

And while economists and investors might disagree over the exact definition of an emerging market economy, most would agree on the potential for growth, as well as the many different kinds of new business opportunities and ventures they provide. And this is where document translation services and other translation related fields could help a business — or an economy — really thrive.

Typically, emerging market economies tend to grow very fast. At times, they can stagnate or slide back into tendencies that are problematic for investors (corruption, political strife, civil uprisings), which are of course terrible for the general population as well, but even so, these emerging economies usually come with a lot of opportunities for expanding business ties. That ‘translates’ into a ton of document translation work. As foreign investment builds upon prior foreign investment, and confidence in the markets grows, deals are struck, factories are opened or renovated, and cooperative arrangements and international partnerships are created. The flow of contracts and legal documents then strengthens between nations, and continents.

Document Translation Services Key to Global Business

Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Russia and South America are very different regions with different cultures, languages, and ways of doing business. Risk and opportunity abound in a business landscape full of language and cultural barriers. Global business depends on solid, professional document translation, from initial contacts between enterprises and people engaging in business, to the legal translations of documents that bind various parties together in deals that can last years, or decades.

Document translators who not only know the languages a company or investor is working with, but also understand differing cultural norms, taboos, and difficult to negotiate business areas, can do wonders for commercial deals. Emerging market economies offer excitement and trade possibilities — plus the opportunity to vastly improve the living standards of hundreds of millions of people, although not without some pitfalls.

Document translation and localization services play a big part in how emerging market economies do business in the modern world, which is why it’s important for anyone working with these economies to understand just how vital these translation services are, and will continue to be.

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