Voice Over or Subtitle Localization? How About Both?

The Harmonious Marriage of Subtitles and Voice Over in Localization

voice over localizationWhile voice over localization can simplify or amplify information, subtitle localization can ensure their accurate dissemination. The one compliments the other. You’ve seen it before. A man is shown walking into an office with employees, and the narrated voice over the video describes what he’s doing, saying, etc. Meanwhile, as the narration continues, text at the bottom of the screen pops up corresponding to the conversation of those the camera’s following.

The same technique can be used to localize training videos where the trainer is speaking, while instructional text appears on the screen. The trainer’s voice can be replaced with voice over and the text with subtitles. This is voice over work combined with subtitles for maximum impact and idea communication. All that said, without proper translation, the effort will be less profitable. Audio-Video localization requires an experienced touch to pull off agreeably; but when that is done, it can yield substantially more successful results.

Subtitle and Voice Over Localization Advantages

There is a reason instructional videos are increasingly used in corporate projects opens in a new window: they’re efficient and communicative. Furthermore, one video can be used with multiple language groups; it just needs multiple translations. And all that works best if subtitle localization and voice over localization work hand in glove. Meanwhile, re-education without video isn’t as quick or effective. So the choice becomes: localize a single video, or a set of them; or localize individualized curriculums all up-and-down the proposed infrastructure development. The latter is more expensive and complicated, even if it is professionally localized. But the video option conjoined with professional translation services costs less in materials and time, while simultaneously delivering more value. The same logic applies to promotional videos, advertisements, product expositions, or any multimedia presentation involving video, audio or flash.

Oftentimes a complete script will have to be explored for a given video segment, and you should expect it will be changed for purposes of accurate communication. Localization requires not only translation of the words themselves, but sometimes their adaptation for proper colloquial or other locale impact. For instance local currencies, measurement units (imperial vs metric) and contact info may have to be used. When successfully applied, the benefits justify the added costs. The best voice over and subtitle localization will take locals directly into account, and strive to connect with them as effectively as possible.

Finding Services to Streamline Localization

Communication is integral when it comes to any international endeavor. The more clear, direct, and relatable it is, the better the business relationship will be. Investing in a professional localization service will not only save you money in the long-run, it will increase your financial strength perpetually. When producing your multimedia content, if you’re investing in translating it, why not take advantage of the benefits that localization, voice over and subtitles offer?!

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