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  • The Necessity for Medical English to Spanish Translation

    Medical English to Spanish TranslationThe Hispanic population has continued to grow and makes up a large fraction of the smallest communities that are found in the United States. Its rapid growth has presented many challenges for the health care sector. Over the past decades, the increasing diversity and the number of limited English speakers, including the Hispanics, has led to increased pressure on both healthcare systems and the clinicians to ensure that limited English speakers are treated equally. There are clear federal mandates that emphasize language rights when it comes to healthcare, which are applied at both the federal and state level, and recent legal developments now address the issues of language barrier.

  • The Case for English Chinese & Spanish Translations

    2016 GDP % by Language If your products are offered and supported in English, you are in luck. With your product as-is or with minor tweaks, you can target the entire English-speaking world. This includes the USA, United Kingdom, Canada as well as Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and many others. According to the IMF, English-speaking countries contributed $24 trillion to the $75 trillion world GDP in 2015, or roughly a third!! If $24 trillion, or a third of the world’s GDP is not enough, consider the following:

  • Professional English to Spanish Translations Regional Variations

    Professional English to Spanish TranslationAfter Mandarin Chinese, Spanish is the planet’s most common language (spoken as a native tongue), with over 400 million native speakers worldwide. When looking into how a professional English to Spanish translation services can help your business grow, especially in the technical translations sphere, it might not always be clear which type of Spanish a company should choose when it comes to general translations, or localization services. Here are a few pointers to help you sort through the vast array of English to Spanish translation options available to you.

  • Spanish Website Translation Growing Needs

    Spanish Website TranslationOver the years, there has been a significant rise in the number of companies that are expanding their business globally.  This move has enabled many organizations including those based in the United States to reach many more consumers some of whom do not speak English as their first language, which is a good strategy considering that English is ranked as the third most spoken language in the world after Mandarin, which is ranked first and then Spanish. The Spanish language is prominent in the Americas and Europe, making it among the most common languages, being that it is spoken by approximately 405 million people. The large number of speakers makes Hispanics a good demographic for businesses to target for growth, which can be effectively achieved through Spanish website translation.

  • Korean Translation Service, Good Business and Global Technology

    Korean Economy Translation ServiceIf your company or startup is involved in the world of high-tech and East Asia, chances are you have, or will be doing business in South Korea soon. Korea is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to market size and competitiveness, as well as technological output and cutting-edge innovations. One of the key elements in working with, and in South Korea, is the ability to identify and work with a solid Korean to English translation service (and English to Korean) as language translations can still be a bit of a stumbling block in this part of Asia.

  • This Global Era Forces You to Translate Sites

    Translate sitesThe internet has presented many avenues and opportunities that savvy businesses have taken advantage of in a bid to grow, and to facilitate the delivery of their services to customers. In this day and age, individuals and companies use the internet not only to get or share information, but also to sell and purchase products and services. In the business world, information is crucial, but revenues are top priority! Most businesses have opted to set-up websites because it makes it easier for prospective clients to find them.

  • Translation Specialization Aids Global Medical Research

    Life Science translationsMedical and pharmaceutical companies can find some big advantages when they conduct medical trials and patient recruitment outside of North America and Western Europe. And a professional translation service experienced in all manner of medical translations can help medical research groups and companies — big and small — overcome language barriers during the research and trial processes, and afterward, when it comes time to market and sell. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of performing medical trials and patient recruitment in regions like Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

  • Healthcare Language Translations in a Global Company

    Medical Language Translation Saves LivesThe medical device industry is among the largest industries in healthcare, and it is driven by new technologies and innovation. In the last 10 years, there has been a rapid growth in innovative technologies that have contributed to the development of quality high tech medical devices, such as surgical robots and high-tech nanotechnology applications. The advancements, have consequently led to the growth and further development of the healthcare industry. According to the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) 2014 statistics, in the US, the medical device industry records sales of around $136 billion, which accounts for roughly 45% of the global market.

  • Medical Translators Make a Difference

    Medical Terminology Translation Healthcare and medical translation helps the healthcare and pharmaceutical professions reach as many customers, medical researchers, patients and people working in the healthcare industry as possible. Medical translation jobs — and the translators fueling this vocation — facilitate the exchange of medical knowhow and medical innovations between various communities, countries and continents. And that’s why it’s important to know how medical translation works — and why it has to be done right.