The Case for English Chinese & Spanish Translations

Languages on the Rise Based on GDP Numbers

2016 GDP % by Language

2016 GDP Percentage by Language

If your products are offered and supported in English, you are in luck. With your product as-is or with minor tweaks, you can target the entire English-speaking world. This includes the USA, United Kingdom, Canada as well as Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and many others. According to the IMF, English-speaking countries contributed $24 trillion to the $75 trillion world GDP in 2015, or roughly a third!! If $24 trillion, or a third of the world’s GDP is not enough, consider adding to English Chinese & Spanish Translations. Here is why…

Important Languages by GDP

  • China is the second largest economy after the US, with $11 trillion GDP. Translating your products from English into Simplified Chinese will give you access to roughly half of the world’s GDP opens in a new window!
  • Spain, in fourteenth place, but combined with Mexico, Argentina, and many other Spanish-speaking countries in the Americas contribute approximately $4.4 trillion to the world’s GDP.
  • Japan is in third place with a $4.1 trillion.
  • In fourth place is Germany. Along with Austria (whose language is also German), they have a combined GDP of roughly $3.7 trillion.
  • France, the fifth-largest, along with French-speaking Belgium and Quebec, pulled in $3.4 trillion.
  • India outperformed close competitors in 2015 and reached 7th place at $2.1 trillion!
  • Italy took eighth place at $1.8 trillion
  • Brazil dropped from seventh to ninth place at $1.77 trillion and Russia suffered a setback down to 12th place at $1.35 trillion.

By performing English, Chinese & Spanish Translations on your web site, you will be able to reach over half of GDP consumers around the world!

Language of Business

Why are these facts important? Simply put, if your products and website are translated into eight languages – English, Simplified Chinese (the written script in Mainland China), Spanish, Japanese, German, French, Hindi (most popular language in India), Italian and Brazilian Portuguese – you can more than double your market and target 3/4 of the world’s GDP.

While English remains a strong contender among languages online and offline, and while its strength has increased over the past 2 years, one cannot turn a blind eye on the importance of other languages while doing business. After all, the language of business is not English; it is the language of the customer!

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