June 2016

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  • Industrial Translations Help with the Rise of a Booming Industry

    Industrial TranslationThe mega industrial Caterpillar started back in 1925 with the merging of Holt manufacturing Company and C.L. Best Tractor Company. With the war time tractor demand plummeting due to peacetime after the Great War, the two companies after intense competition from one another banded together to form Caterpillar Tractor Co. LTD. Under new management and led by Thomas A Baxter, the once popular war tractors were cut from production and the focus on smaller field tractors and highway construction machinery increased. When the Federal Aid Highway Act of 1921 was later further funded, there was less competition for Caterpillar once the two major competitors merged leading to more lucrative contracts and highway servicing. After successfully profiting off the Highway Act, Caterpillar would expand its industry to foreign markets, starting in England.

  • Language Services USA & Stronger Dollar Impact on Globalization

    Lower BP & Language ServicesWith the final decision to leave the EU in its famous campaign, Brexit, Britain has faced some serious market drops in its currency and economy. Dropping from its original $1.50 value to now as of yet $1.32, this may be the time for foreigners to buy cheaper English goods. “It’s a madhouse in here. It has been a bloodbath. Carnage,” said David Papier of foreign exchange house ETX Capital in London. The effects of the referendum has affected the globe’s markets. The U.S’s Dow Jones had dropped an astounding 900 points two days after Brexit’s decision. Japan’s Nikkei Index has reached its worst since its disaster 5 years ago. The ripple effects spread as far as the Australian and Shanghai market.

  • The Benefits of Certified Translation Services

    Certified TranslationsSometimes you or your company requires a certified translation. Different reasons exist as to why a certified translation might be a prerequisite to getting some business accomplished — but when a governmental agency, an enterprise, or some kind of institution that’s part of a heavily regulated industry, like those found in the financial, medical or government sectors, or various medical industries, asks for a certified translation, you generally can’t delay. Below are a few facts about certified translations, and some of the benefits and reasons behind procuring one in the first place.

  • Why Multimedia Translation Matters

    Multimedia TranslationOver the years, with the introduction of the internet and increased globalization, many organizations have expanded their operations to multiple countries worldwide. This move has presented many challenges to companies that have ventured into regions where people have a different culture and speak another language other than the one which is spoken in the company’s host country. In many countries, language barriers and cultural differences exist not only with potential customers, but also internally within the organization itself. For example in the U.S., there are many non-English speakers and the number continues to rise at a rapid pace. Many of them do not fully understand and comprehend English and their cultures are different. As a result, companies have realized that reaching out to more consumers both domestically and overseas requires effective communication. In order to tackle this issue, many firms have turned to professional translation and localization services, which have been proven to be beneficial time after time.

  • Era of Globalization, Will Brexit Usher it Out?

    Brexit impact on Translation & LocalizationIt’s official. On June 23rd 2016 Britain voted to leave the European Union with a shocking display of 52% vs. 48% in favor to leave. 17.6 million people were overjoyed to hear the campaign had achieved its goal. The immediate results swept the globe as worldwide stock markets took an astounding hit and the English pound decreasing from $1.50 to $1.36 in one day. To leave a greater uncertainty for Britain’s future, Prime Minister David Cameron stepped down saying that he won’t be the captain of this new era of England.

  • Malay, Hindi and Farsi Translation Services

    Farsi Translation ServicesWhile English is still the lingua franca for global business and diplomacy, it’s always a good idea to pay attention to other languages, particularly the ones your customers, or prospective customers speak! As commerce and the political influence of nations ebb and flow, different languages come to the forefront as far as business opportunities are concerned. When it comes to legal, medical and technical translations around the world, many people look to Mandarin Chinese (rightly so), or possibly Spanish or Arabic as the languages of the future.

  • Audio Video Localization: Why is it Important?

    audio video localizationOver the years, an increasing number of companies have turned to multimedia as an effective strategy of conveying messages and information to stakeholders such as employees and consumers. The use of video has become integral and common in many organizations. Online videos are an important element of the marketing mix for multiple successful brands. A recent survey by ReelSEO, which was focused on determining the popularity of video marketing, supported that the use of online video is immensely popular and beneficial. The survey involved interviewing over 600 marketing professionals.

  • Technical Language Translations in Southeast Asia

    Technical Language Translations in Southeast AsiaSoutheast Asia is an incredibly diverse region spanning from the high-tech hub that is Singapore, and the growing technology boom coming out of Malaysia, to the manufacturing and technical promises developing in countries like Indonesia and Vietnam. Whether your company is looking at manufacturing and robotics, or breaking into domestic mobile messaging services apps and online gaming in Southeast Asia, technical language translations — and the translation services that provide them — should definitely factor into your regional business plans.

  • Mobile Apps Localization Services

    mobile app software localizationWith the development of faster and more efficient smart phones comes the ever increasing market of smart phone applications or “Apps” for short. Studies indicate that in 2015 the market for global mobile applications had reached $25 billion, a giant leap from the 6.8 billion dollar market 5 years prior according to marketsandmarkets.com. The application industry is a low barrier to entry job market, which is evident as there are millions of proclaimed App developers in the world.

  • Specialized Translation Services and Future Technology Trends

    Healthcare TranslationThe nature of how we access our healthcare, and what that healthcare will look like in the future is in flux in the developed and developing worlds. New medical technologies, changes in how we consult with doctors and healthcare professionals, plus shifting population demographics mean there are a lot of exciting opportunities for advancements in global healthcare (access, medicines and technologies) — as well as some hurdles to overcome. What this also means is that healthcare translation services working with medical device manufacturers, healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies need to keep up with these healthcare trends — especially as they relate to evolving healthcare technologies and new medical devices.