Audio Video Localization: Why is it Important?

How Translation and Localization of Videos Help in Market Penetration

audio video localizationOver the years, an increasing number of companies have turned to multimedia as an effective strategy of conveying messages and information to stakeholders such as employees and consumers. Using Audio Video Localization services is necessary for expanding interest on multimedia platforms. The use of video has become integral and common in many organizations. Online videos are an important element of the marketing mix for multiple successful brands. A recent survey by ReelSEO, which was focused on determining the popularity of video marketing, supported that the use of online video is immensely popular and beneficial. The survey involved interviewing over 600 marketing professionals.

The survey results opens in a new window that reflected the accumulation of data from over 600 marketing professionals revealed that more than 93% of them use video content. 82% of the respondents relayed that the use of the medium had a positive impact on their organizations or businesses. The report also stipulated that 84% of the respondents use video for website marketing, 60% for e-mail marketing, 70% of them are optimizing video for search engines, and spending on video will be increased by 70% of the marketers. Of all the respondents only a small percentage, which translates to 10% of them felt that video had a minimal impact on the overall marketing ROI. Generally, the statistics reveal that video plays a key role in the success of a business.

Audio Video Localization

Translation and localization are both important when it comes to market penetration. According to Karl Montevirgen, “translation opens in a new window is about crossing the language barrier, whereas localization is about crossing the cultural barrier.” This assertion shows that they are both important from varied angles. Businesses venture into global markets in order to increase revenue through the acquisition of market share. Company executives including those who lead high tech companies realize that sales revenue is heavily reliant on market demand. Demand is dependent on product awareness, which is driven by market operations. The use of video as a form of a marketing component plays a valuable role in a global product campaign because it increases demand.

The effectiveness of marketing content can only be realized if the content penetrates the target market. Translation helps the target market to understand the message conveyed through focusing on language. Paula Shannon, emphasizes that brands “speak to customers not just in their language but in a voice they understand.” Based on her deduction, translation helps a brand to speak in the language of the consumers. The value of localization, in this case, cannot be downplayed. It helps the content to be passed in a way or in a voice that they fully understand.

A myriad of businesses opens in a new window that have expanded into foreign markets, incorporating both multimedia translation and localization in varying degrees. Some of the ways that these aspects have been embraced are in software apps training, and high-end machines operations just to mention a few. In a bid for the processes related to the markets to be made efficient, translation and localization have been deemed as viable strategies that help to pass the needed information to more people in an easy and convenient way. In the case of apps, many of them can be accessed, and are in demand worldwide. In order to meet the ever increasing demand, localization and translation have been viewed as vital aspects that help to ensure that people globally can make full use of them.

Translation and localization also help cut support costs because fewer employees or agents will be needed to speak to clients in varied languages. A large fraction of the consumers will most likely understand the translated and localized content, which will reduce the need to seek help from support agents.

Fortunately for many businesses, there are professional companies that offer professional audio video translation and localization services. Some of the services offered include audio video translation, audio video localization, audio script translation, audio script localization and multilingual voice over. Businesses should definitely seek translation and localization services because they offer a good return on investment. After all, the language of business is not English; it is the language of the customer!

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