Malay, Hindi and Farsi Translation Services

The Up and Coming Languages of the Commercial World

Farsi Translation ServicesWhile English is still the lingua franca for global business and diplomacy, it’s always a good idea to pay attention to other languages, particularly the ones your customers, or prospective customers speak! As commerce and the political influence of nations ebb and flow, different languages come to the forefront as far as business opportunities are concerned. When it comes to legal, medical and technical translations around the world, many people look to Mandarin Chinese (rightly so), or possibly Spanish or Arabic as the languages of the future.

Even though the languages mentioned above are forces to be reckoned with, we thought we’d take a look at several other important languages that are having, and will continue to have a big impact on translation services, and the international business community.

Professional Farsi Translation Services

Farsi opens in a new window is an old language, with long and rich cultural, philosophical and trading traditions. This Indo-Iranian language, also known as Persian (with many regional dialects), is spoken in Iran and parts of Afghanistan, but also prevalent (or at least present) in places like Bahrain, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Yemen — and even in sizable communities in the United States.

One of the reasons business people should pay attention to Farsi language translations is the warming of relations (albeit slowly) of Iran with the West, and the easing of international sanctions. The cost of doing business with Iranian firms — and in Iran proper — has begun to drop significantly opens in a new window.

If the deal holds, investors, oil companies, aerospace giants like Boeing (which struck a deal to sell Iran 100 planes) and other enterprises will want to get in early by taking advantage of Farsi localization services and other translation services, thus reaping the potential financial benefits of doing business in the region.

Professional Hindi Translation Services

With more than 420 million people speaking Hindi as a first or second language, it clearly can’t be ignored. When looking solely at native speakers, it’s the fourth biggest language in the world, which means it’s going to be around for some time.

India’s massive markets, and the push to modernize opens in a new window, are creating a lot of really interesting business opportunities. While eyes have been on China recently, India has a large and young population, a huge manufacturing sector, growing civil and military infrastructure, and many other positive aspects (good universities) making it an attractive market to invest in.

Any company that wants to get into the Indian banking, IT, or technology sectors will need to work with a dependable Hindi translation service. Even though English is strong in India, Hindi (the official language, along with English) is still key to accessing many core demographics, from rural areas to the growing number of people who are now digitally connected.

Professional Malay Translation Services

If you don’t spend a lot of time thinking about Malay, but want to invest in Southeast Asia, you might want to start doing so. Malay is a national language in Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore — boasting more than 270 million speakers.

Singapore is a hub of technology and innovation in Asia, Malaysia is developing rapidly, and Indonesia is trying to unlock its IoT potential with initiatives like Jakarta Smart City, the Jakarta Smart City portal opens in a new window (citizens reporting problems) and more. The prospects for good tech investments opens in a new window in the region are seemingly endless — and growing year by year. And of course a company like GlobalVision, which provides all manner of Malay translation services, can help your company dive into the Malay speaking world with relative ease.

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