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Localize to Globalize your Smart Phone App

mobile app software localizationWith the development of faster and more efficient smart phones comes the ever increasing market of smart phone applications or “Apps” for short. Studies indicate that in 2015 the market for global mobile applications had reached $25 billion, a giant leap from the 6.8 billion dollar market 5 years prior according to opens in a new window. The application industry is a low barrier to entry job market, which is evident as there are millions of proclaimed App developers in the world. Since the user interface of a mobile app is usually very simple, mobile apps localization services typically are very low. 

Importance of Mobile Apps

So why are Apps important? Smart phone’s like Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S4 operate using different operating systems. Apple using the iOS system and Samsung and other like-phones using Android.

Each phone, although different, uses mainly the same Apps. These applications make the phone a useful multitasking device for those who are on the go or working. Need to schedule a lunch date with a business partner? No sweat, just enter the date and time using the calendar App on the phone and it will remind you. Need to know where you are going? There are tons of GPS and directional Apps that you can get for free like Google Maps. Want to know which restaurant people highly rate? There are plenty of Apps like Yelp to look into that. There are thousands of Apps on the device App stores that you can download, and there are still many more being created.

So What Do App Localization Services Do for Apps?

According to opens in a new windowthere are over 8.7 Million registered App publishers in the world with 19 million software developers to back them up. These developers are most likely facing hundreds or thousands of competitors in different countries. How can a developer get the upper hand on most of these competitors? With quality translation and app localization, Apps become globalization enabled and used in different countries expanding one’s target market. In other words, more people will be able to operate the App with minimal international support, saving time and resources to enable expansion everywhere else.

Beyond App Localization – Translating Client & Server Software

Here at GlobalVision we strive to make sure that your App meets the most stringent app translation requirements your international users seek. Apps, by design, are not very verbose. Hence, the need to translate a few words, keywords and strings. Since translation costs are directly proportional to the number of words to translate, Apps’ translations are usually not costly at all. Furthermore, App publishers’ main goal is to gain as many users as possible, as opposed to earn revenues or turn a profit, particularly in the initial stages of the company or the App. Localizing your App will significantly increase your chances of adding users, exponentially!

Since GlobalVision specialize in software localization & translation services that are internet enabled or targeting desktop platforms, not just mobile device Apps, your comprehensive software solution can also be localized if and when needed. Localizing your entire client-server solution can be critical in helping you get a leg up on the many competitors that will most likely be targeting the same clientele. So make the right investment, chose GlobalVision for your Apps’ and other software localization needs. You will not regret it!

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