Technical Language Translations in Southeast Asia

A Diverse Region with a Diverse Set of Languages, Markets & Skillsets

Technical Language Translations in Southeast AsiaSoutheast Asia is an incredibly diverse region spanning from the high-tech hub that is Singapore, and the growing technology boom coming out of Malaysia, to the manufacturing and technical promises developing in countries like Indonesia and Vietnam. Whether your company is looking at manufacturing and robotics, or breaking into domestic mobile messaging services apps and online gaming in Southeast Asia, technical language translations — and the translation services that provide them — should definitely factor into your regional business plans.

Let’s take a look at several examples of countries and business sectors where a technical translation company can help your enterprise flourish in this part of the world.

Translation Service in Singapore & Malaysia

In Singapore, innovative technology is king. With English is widely spoken there, Singapore-based tech companies offer a wonderful foothold into Southeast Asia, as they’re doing business all over the region, in cities like Jakarta and counties like the Philippines. And since you have English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil speakers living in this tiny, but powerful city state, Singapore is an excellent location for tech companies to work out of, or have a presence in. With a highly skilled workforce, Singapore can easily serve as a base to branch out into the rest of Asia with advertising campaigns, technical translations and software localization.

Malaysia, while still developing in some sectors, has a tech sector opens in a new window that is growing quickly thanks to government-backed venture capital funds, lots of startups, and education schemes focusing on e-commerce, tech and IoT (the Internet of Things). As Malaysian companies and IPOs look for partners in the West, translation companies like GlobalVision can help with technical language translations, document translations and localization services, as well as how to navigate the Malay language, and approach translations in the local business environment opens in a new window.

Technical Language Translations in Indonesia and the Philippines

Indonesia, the fourth most populous nation on Earth (255 million), is brimming over with investment potential. As private companies and the government seek to modernize everything from managing traffic lights (smart lights opens in a new window) to delivering healthcare opens in a new window, IoT and technology solutions have, and will continue to play a big part in Indonesia’s growth. And with a ton of foreign investment flowing into the country, working with a reputable technical language translation service can help a company get ahead in this vibrant, modernizing economy.

In the Philippines, tech startups are everywhere, as good universities in this archipelago graduate armies of engineering, coding and entrepreneurial talent every year. The Philippines boast a superb technology startup environment opens in a new window, a fast growing economy, plus a capable workforce that can support the demands of all this business and technology potential. If your company wants to invest in tech, the Philippines are a great place to do so, as English and Filipino (a Tagalog-based language) are the official languages, making it a fairly easy business environment to get into.

Considering all the talent and opportunities on offer in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and beyond (even if you’re working with people remotely), and then combining it with a solid language translation service like GlobalVision, the growing markets of Southeast Asia — and Asia as a whole — can open up a world of new business prospects for your company, or startup.

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