Audio Translation, Software Localization & Transcreation for Video Games

Enabling Growth of Video Games Popularity Around the World

Video Game TranslationsThe video game industry has been steadily growing every year since the late 70’s with games such as Tennis,  Tetris and Space Invaders, invading homes around the world! Research in 2015 estimated the current video games market at a whopping 91.5 billion dollars, roughly 3 times what the world spends on language services! Due to advances in computing technologies and video displays, more complicated plot lines and details can be incorporated into today’s games including graphical, video, music, text and audio components! Gone are the days where simple computer generated graphics are displayed and tunes played in loops. Players today enjoy a fully immersive experience with incredible visual and auditory stimuli. Developed by countless companies, with professional audio translation, transcreation and software localization, fully localized video games are enabling more gamers enjoy their intricate plots across the world. Their effect is nothing short of addictive!

Nintendo and PlayStation Games for the U.S.

Japan, one of the leading countries in gaming besides the U.S. is home to serious game companies like, Nintendo and Sony. Many of the games created in Japan are of course made first in Japanese. The titles are then translated into English so that Western countries, mostly America, can distribute them to eager fans. This includes audio translation into English. With the increase in gaming platforms like home consoles and PC gaming, multiple versions of the game are created to be adapted to each individual platform. The two major consoles are backed by industry giants, Sony for the PlayStation and Microsoft for the Xbox.

The Impact of Reliable Translations

Imagine you’re playing a very popular game franchise like for instance Monster Hunter. The game itself holds a massive amount of dialogue and plot lines that make the game much more enjoyable to play. Originally the game was made in Japan and because of its popularity, was introduced in America and rapidly translated into English. It quickly hit record breaking sales. The most recent version of the game sold 4.1 million copies with sales still increasing after 2 years of being released. Another franchise that exploded due to international presence was Call of Duty which is now available almost anywhere. All of these games took off because of many factors. But because they were translated reliably, including their audio tracks, they were able to globalize and spread in their target markets like wildfire.

How Professional Translations Help Game Publishers

According to opens in a new window there are over 600 game developer teams in America alone. Most developers are contracted by certain platform companies like Sony or Microsoft to create games for their consoles. Each developer wants to sell as many copies of their game as possible, and it stands to reason that if more players are able to play the game then more copies will be sold. Thus the importance of professional language translation services at early stages of the game release arise again, where many game publishers aim to leapfrog their competitors not only in story line appeal and graphic complexity, but also in video and audio communication quality and a worldwide simultaneous release.

Audio Translation + Software Localization + Transcreation

At GlobalVision, our professional translators are available to ensure that every meaning and important detail that can produce a thrilling game are properly captured in any language either by using translation or transcreation! But quality translation and transcreation alone are not our sole goal. With video games, software localization is required involving user interface, install and instruction elements, as well graphic and audio translation. As such GlobalVision draws on its technical, language and voice talent staff to provide top quality subtitle, audio, voice over and software localization for video games and other multimedia assets.

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