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How important is Afrikaans to High Tech Companies?

Afrikaans Translation Services, Quality Translation, Lower Translation RatesAfrikaans Translation Services

Afrikaans is a language spoken in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. It is of Dutch origin and was introduced on the African continent by Dutch settlers in South Africa. Over the years, Afrikaans has deviated from Dutch. Although it still uses in a large part Dutch vocabulary, it strays from Dutch with spelling, grammar and morphology. Afrikaans, one of 13 official languages in South Africa, is the 3rd most spoken language in that country after Zulu and Xhosa. It is interesting to note that English is also an official language, the 4th most commonly used and probably the most understood! In South Africa, English is the leading language in government and media. It would be wise to utilize Afrikaans Translation Services to reach another sector of South African clients.

On the African continent, South Africa was surpassed by Egypt in 2015 to fall from 2nd into 3rd place in GDP figures at $313 Billion US. Nigeria continues to dominate the continent with the highest GDP despite significant slumps in 2015. Given the slowing GDP numbers and the fact that South Africa’s spoken languages are fragmented, Afrikaans translation services are seldom a high priority to high tech companies. But when they do become a priority, Afrikaans native translators need to be used to provide the quality translation needed.

Afrikaans Quality Translation

Quality translation into Afrikaans starts by involving native translators that reside in South Africa and that have a firm handle on the language, the culture and their nuances. Quality translation is also better achieved by involving a second translator that will fully read the source and target text and perform full edit on the target Afrikaans translation.

Complemented with a robust translation management system, translation memory tools and a competent project manager, Afrikaans translators and editors will be able to fulfill their duties and deliver the highest Afrikaans translation quality!

Afrikaans Lower Translation Rates

While involving professionals produces quality translation, it does come at a cost. Hunting for lower translation rates may not produce optimal results. Also, while machine translation may appear to be free, its hidden and lost opportunity costs will far exceed the costs of quality translation. One can achieve lower translation rates by following simple rules detailed in our whitepaper below.

While price is an important factor in determining what translation service to use, it is not the only one. Make sure you evaluate your options and weigh in all important criteria such as success rate, expertise, certifications, technology and price-value ratio.

After all, the price of quality translation is always justified by its dividends: customer loyalty, word of mouth, lower liabilities and minimal customer support!

Lower Translation Costs

Whitepaper 10 Tips on Lowering Translation Costs

Are you under constant pressure to lower your translation budgets and do more with less? This whitepaper gives you 10 tangible methods to reduce your translation costs without sacrificing quality. Guaranteed to save you money and a must read for every translation or localization manager.

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