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Pokémon Go Lesson: Localize Your App to Globalize It!

Pokémon Go

An app translation service will take smart phone or mobile device applications and convert them into other locales. This involves language translation, cultural adaptation and look and feel change when different geographies are involved. The Apps market is still expanding and localization is taking central stage in adding value.

Nintendo’s Pokémon Go App

Take Nintendo’s Pokémon Go opens in a new window App which just launched early July, 2016. In less than 5 hours, the app, which has been made available only in the USA, Australia and New Zealand, became the number one downloaded app in the App Store in the U.S. adding $11 Billion to the value of its co-publisher Nintendo! It was so popular that it shattered Clash Royal’s top grossing app record when it first launched on the App Store. Pokémon Go will grow more as the app is made available in more countries as its international roll out continues. What makes Pokémon Go so effective is its use of landmarks as bonus areas encouraging users to go outside and explore surrounding cities or towns. The use of varying locales in the game is brilliant, but makes the app harder to release internationally. The importance of mobile app localization was covered in a previous post called  Mobile Apps Benefit from Software Localization Services.

App Localization App Translation ServiceMobile App Translation Services

App translation services are easily available to those seeking to localize their app code for different countries and platforms. Globalization is not in retreat and will continue to play a huge step in making an app successful. Firstly, it opens the app to a larger audience who can use it, review it and recommend it to others. Secondly, it allows the app and service to grow and accommodate the different users who purchase or use the app. Lastly, it allows for better advertisement towards any other service you can offer which can lead to an increase in sales.

Mobile Application Localization

App localization require specialized expertise in handling code, understanding software terminology and implementing a robust translation reuse process to facilitate future updates. Unlike other translation services, app translators will ensure that your code will not break and that your international users will not cringe at the words used in the app.

The opportunities are almost endless when you consider globalizing your app. Contact GlobalVision for guidance on how to take the next step.

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