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Francophones to Triple by 2050!

english to french professional translationWhile English is still the planet’s lingua franca, and business leaders and tech companies are salivating over the massive markets in China (and keenly interested in Mandarin Chinese), it would be a good idea for firms branching out into the world to pay attention to Francophone regions outside of France, and how English to French professional translations can help increase business opportunities across the globe — particularly in Africa. Translate English to French to take advantage of the new market and get ahead!

The first thing to understand here is how much of the planet already speaks French as a first or second language, and how that number is set to grow. Currently there are well over 200 million people who speak French in their day-to-day lives, with around 77 million native speakers in Europe alone. The incredible figure that’ll make you stand up and take notice — and perhaps think differently about global translations altogether — is the fact that the French language is about to explode. Estimates by the International Organization of La Francophonie opens in a new window (OIF), when looking at the 37 Francophone countries already in existence, sheds light on the possibility that by 2050, thanks to population growth, there could be as many as 700 million French speakers worldwide opens in a new window.

And while birthrates will likely see French surpass German as the most widely spoken first language in Europe, the bulk of the population and linguistic growth will be in Africa. Entrepreneurs and business executives who want to tap into the burgeoning tech, communication and medical commercial potential in Africa would be wise to develop solid working relationships with premier language agencies specializing in English to French professional translations.

When it comes to Africa, French has official language status in Cameroon, the Central African Republic (CAR), Cote d’ Ivoire (Ivory Coast), the Democratic Republic of Congo, Djibouti, Mali, Niger, Senegal, the Seychelles and many other African nations. French is also widely spoken in nations where it isn’t considered an official language, like Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

And lest we forget Canada, the Quebec government continues to strengthen and enforce its laws pertaining to the compulsory use of French as the only official language in its province, ordering educational institutions, business to business (B2B) and particularly business to consumer (B2C) retailers operating there to comply to Bills 22 and 101 opens in a new window!

Translate English to French Nuance

For those looking to work and invest in these regions, especially sub-Saharan Francophone Africa, working with experienced language agencies, like GlobalVision, can prove vital to accessing various French-speaking markets and selling mobile, software, medical and other tech to rapidly expanding communities looking for business opportunities and more (and better) services. Translating English to French needs to offer more than simply translating phrases from English to standard French. Global translations in the modern world can, and should be more sophisticated than that.

Of all of the French-speaking nations we’ve already mentioned (and the ones we haven’t), an enormous variety in lexicon, grammar and local culture exists. Africa is an exceedingly diverse place. Any company forward-thinking enough to get into some of these markets early on should work with a translation agency that can not only help translate the documents needed to access a population and help a business endeavor flourish, but also understands the many differences in how the French language is used throughout the Francophone world. This is how a company can ensure the delivery of quality translation products that meet the specific needs of different industries in the nations where French is key to promoting global business.

Optimal French Translation Services

GlobalVision employs French speakers at every level of the translation and localization process, from project managers to desktop publishers and quality control. Our French translators and voice talents are native and in-country, professionally trained to meet every French locale need. If French is a key language for you or one on your radar screen as it should be, we can put our French translation and voice over resources immediately at your service!

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