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How Translations Services Can Help You Weed Through 7000 Foreign Translation Options!

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When dealing with natural language translation, often referred to as foreign translations, global companies have to make important decisions. There is an estimated total of 7,000 different spoken languages around the world, found with differing dialects and origins. While many of them are rarely used, a very large majority of the world uses some 100 languages. Boiling down these languages even further, companies can reach over 80% of their target markets by using only 13 languages like English, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, etc. and usher a new source of clientele.

The diversifying of one’s market not only enables global presence for conducting business, but also easier access to international labor and resources. Foreign translations facilitate the communication among the company’s employees enabling proper training and management and communication between the company and its clients.

Foreign translations also facilitate communications among governments and world leaders to work on expanding trade agreements and working towards solving global problems and achieving lasting peace. It is a cornerstone of globalization and world modernization.

Translations Services

Translations services permit foreign translations and enable their implementation at a professional level. Before companies attempt foreign translations, they need to make sure that their authoring tools, software applications, content management systems and other computing infrastructures in place support the needed character sets and encoding required by these languages.

Furthermore, many languages are spoken dialects that cannot be presented in written form. Their spoken form may have to be localized or written form may have to be adapted. For instance, the Arab world consists of 22 countries, each with one or more unique dialects, but all relying on one official Modern Standard Arabic or Literary Arabic language . While many Arabic dialects vary greatly from others making them unintelligible, they all have deviated significantly from Literary Arabic. A company entering the Arab market needs to know how to handle their translations into Arabic and what dialects to use for their audio and video content. Translations services such as GlobalVision can help them weed through the thousands of options and decide on the correct form of a language or dialect that is needed and ensure proper and accurate translations.

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