German Voice Over and Subtitles Translation

After Brexit, Germany Emerges as the Obvious Powerhouse in the E.U.

German Voice Over subtitles translationWhat makes German Voice Overs important to utilize? As it stands, the largest super power in the E.U. and the 4th largest Economy in the world, Germany is quickly catching up to number 3, Japan, which has shown low economic growth over the last decade. According to opens in a new window, Germany is leading the E.U. in exports and in imports, with their importing being the 3rd largest in the world at 1.13 Trillion dollars. Yes, Trillion.  The economy has also shown a solid .7% quarterly growth since the start of 2016 according to opens in a new window. Germany’s economy is strong enough to help carry or rescue multiple E.U. countries, like Greece and Ireland, when they become deep in debt. A European powerhouse and with the eminent exit of Britain the E.U., Germany is accepting a prominent leadership role in the 21st century to strengthen the union and pave the way for economic prosperity across the continent.

German Voice Over in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

One way to step into such a lucrative market would be to localize your products into German, using German translation and voice over. Since the formation of Germany back in 1871, there have been 250 recorded dialects of the language. An example of such would be of a man from Munich speaking to a Berliner. Each would be speaking German, except the Berliner would use a East Central Berliner dialect while the man from Munich would use an East Upper German North Bavarian dialect. Think of it like a different accent to that of a person from New York, vs. one from Texas.

But Berlin is only 350 miles away from Munich, so why the change in dialects? Before the unification of Germany, Prussian Iron Chancellor Otto Van Bismarck, noticed that Germany was separated into many separate small kingdoms each led by its own king or prince. Having their own traditions and culture, each individual kingdom communicated differently. Bismarck, under a nationalist campaign, tactfully rallied the states against France, declaring it as a common enemy to new “Germany”, rousing the kingdoms to join together to go to war. Today, there isn’t much difference in these dialects as modern German is commonly used in literature, media, schools and business making it understood across all of Germany.

The biggest difference in German occurs when crossing borders to Austria and Switzerland. If one were to target these specific markets, having the language edited into those dialects would generate more appeal to each country’s demographic. Keeping this in mind, reputable translation companies employ native translators in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, who can differentiate the language’s dialects and deliver comprehensible and accurate translations accordingly. If more than one flavor is needed, they can translate into German for Germany and engage editors to convert for Austria and/or Switzerland. In the case of video, flash, multimedia or online training that include an audio track, voice over can be very useful in appealing to wide audiences on the web, television or radio, where a narration is performed in the German language, specific for each target audience. GlobalVision has voice talents that can meet all the German language geographical needs.

Subtitles Translation with Timing Constraints

An alternative option to voice over is subtitles. While voice over is often preferred, subtitles can be chosen when maintaining the original sound track is desirable. In this case, subtitle translation services that can be offered and subtitles can be embedded in the video, flash or other assets that contain the original audio track. When subtitles are used, one German version is often sufficient to target all German speaking audiences. This reduces the costs of translation and eliminates the need to employ voice talents from several countries and the overhead of recording studios.

GlobalVision offers subtitle translation services into German and 100+ other languages. Our team of translators is trained to understand dialog and our processes can efficiently accommodate timing constraints. Our team of engineers can also produce final multimedia assets with German voice over, subtitles or both, that will meet the needs of your German speaking audience.

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