Translation Review Process – The Nitty-Gritty of Document Reviews

The Importance of the Translation Review Process

Translation Review ProcessSometimes translation services — or translation clients — try to reduce costs by cutting corners. This often means that the importance of proofing and reviewing translated documents gets downgraded, and the final documents only end up with some kind of cursory check before the end product is delivered. Anyone who knows how languages work, and how meaning is conveyed with words, syntax, different types of industry lingo and other technical and nuanced aspects of human language, knows how vital it is for a translation service to ensure that their translation review process includes a full review.

GlobalVision’s General Translation Review Process

GlobalVision pays attention to every step of the translation process, from the selection of the right team for a particular job to proofs, reviews and updating requested translation changes (at no extra cost to the client) in the translation databases.

Once project managers (who’ll communicate with you as often as you like) understand the particulars of your specific project, and then acquaint you with how GlobalVision’s Translation Management System (TMS) works — which allows for seamless communication between translators, editors and clients — the translation process can really get underway. And while every step is essential, from analyzing the scope of the work to prepping and setting up a qualified translation team, the translation review process is what we’re going to focus on here.

Translation, Editing and Review

After a team of certified translators translates the source files (located in the TMS), the resulting draft is reviewed by a second, certified translator, who checks for precision, quality and context before the work is sent to the client for review (if requested) or further proofing. All of this is done within the translation service’s TMS, which creates a smooth workflow, and facilitates ease of communication.

If changes are asked for, these are implemented in the TMS, and then the layout of the documents are formatted for printing according to the country or regional guidelines agreed upon in the initial stages of the translation process. Once the pre-delivery proofing and review (checking the formatting, typeset and other specific job parameters) has been completed, and any additional changes are applied, the documents are prepped and sent (or shipped) to the client in whatever format the client has requested.

And while this might seem like a lengthy process to some, GlobalVision’s Translation Management System (and its permanently assigned project managers) makes it fairly easy to get through. The process quickly becomes intuitive by locking in the communication, translation and review aspects of a project together — creating a tightknit orchestra of linguist harmony (excuse our poetic sentiment here). Furthermore, all translation assets are maintained and ready to use when needed in future product updates.

In-Country Translation Proofreaders

Any translation service worth its salt will, in most cases, recommend in-country proofreaders to serve as the final arbitrators of a translation’s quality when localization is of paramount concern. At GlobalVision, we believe in-country proofreaders should be included in the process as early as possible, so they understand every angle of the translation project in question from the get-go. Otherwise, they’ll have to play catch-up, as they wouldn’t have been privy to the initial conversations and details about the job.

GlobalVision’s Translation Management System is a great tool to use when working with in-country reviewers, as well as with localization teams. And of course, the skilled professionals working with GlobalVision can assist you every step of the way, guaranteeing that your translations go through a rigorous review process, and meet the highest translation standards.

Translation Management System Benefits

Translation Management System Benefits

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