Human Translations and Translator Services

Understanding the Importance of Human Translation

Human Translations Translator ServicesHuman Translations

Human translations can be explained as specific translations done by people instead of computers. Because computers cannot “understand”, nuances of  natural languages are often misinterpreted. Humans ensure the overall quality and faithfulness of a translation. For instance, certain languages like mandarin, require tonal sounds to convey different meanings using similar words and unlike computers, humans are able to differentiate these meanings. Human translations are costly, while computer translations are virtually free.

Human translations are often achieved using computers and tools that facilitate the translation process. Translation Memory tools for instance store translations in a database for later reuse. This minimizes the overhead involved when products, websites or documents are updated on a regular basis requiring updates to the translations. Also, Translation Management Systems can be used to manage and streamline projects.

Sales over Traffic

The right translation can be the key difference between getting traffic to the website and getting sales. Machine translation may help bring international visitors to your site, but will not offer a friendly user experience. The ability to control your brand and properly promote your product or service in a multitude of languages hinges on the correctness of the translations done and the reliability of the involved translators.

Translator Services

Translator services are the cornerstone of modern international communication, localization and globalization. At GlobalVision we ensure that our translator services are accurate and prompt. Our translators prefer not to use machine translation as it tends to slow down their throughput due to the many mistakes it produces that they will have to correct. We can handle 100+ languages in language translation, software localization, audio and video creation and website globalization. The main focus of our translation services is to output quality words that you will be proud to publish and your users engaged to read.

10 Tips On Achieving Quality in Translation and Localization

Whitepaper 10 Tips on Achieving Quality in Translation & Localization

This whitepaper presents applicable ten tips that will help you navigate through the requirements of your time-sensitive translations and deliver a quality that your stakeholders will thank you for. Download it for free!

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