International English Translation

Why English is the leading language in the world!

International English TranslationThe world is ever changing and the languages present in our society have developed over the millennia, but one particular language sticks out—English. What makes this language so special? According to opens in a new window the number of learned English speakers to native English speakers has exploded. Over 1.5 billion people recorded by the site have learned English as a second or additional language while 375 million people are native English speakers. Communicating with all these people drives the need for international English translation

Why is English so Effective?

How can there be more non-native English speakers than native ones? England was very effective during the age of imperialism in spreading its spheres of influence across the world. This influence included English being introduced into many heavily populated countries in Asia and Africa like, India, Pakistan, China (Hong Kong), Indonesia, Egypt and Nigeria.

Another reason English is so prominent is the GDP power of English speaking countries like the U.S.A., U.K., Canada, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand. These six countries alone pull in a third of the world’s total GDP! Any company seeking a global role will have to speak its customer’s language, and English speaking customers have proven to have very deep pockets! Furthermore, many international companies such as Airbus, Daimler-Chrysler, Fast Retailing, Nokia, Renault, Samsung… opens in a new window have standardized on the use of English as the primary language in the office.

Additionally, millions of people around the world are fascinated with English speaking countries’ music and culture. From pop stars in the U.S.A. and England, to Hollywood blockbuster movies and TV productions, many generations around the world have been clamoring to imitate their lifestyles including speaking the language with all its slang and fads. My father for instance learned his English listening the Elvis and the Beatles. The ABBA Swedish pop group opted to write their songs in English to reach bigger audiences. And very reputable European superstars like Dalida, Julio Iglesias, Chalres Aznavour and Andrea Bocelli released English albums to penetrate lucrative English-speaking markets.

What is International English

There are 54 countries in the world where English is the or an official language, many of which have different “dialects” of English so to speak. Take this analogy, if you have a man from England and a man from the U.S.A. speak English together, you will pick up on some differences. In car terminology for instance, a hood and trunk in the U.S.A. are a bonnet and boot in the U.K. and other places of the world. International English strives to find a common ground in between all of them to assure maximum comprehensiveness. It is, if you wish, a common English language that bridges the gaps between all different English flavors spoken and written. It can address the issue with different spellings and vocabulary.

International English Translation

If you originate your documents in non-English languages, it makes sense to consider International English translations. They will permit you to target all English speaking countries effectively with a single English version release.

If your documentation is written in U.S. English and you are promoting your products around the world, you may also want to consider International English translation services. In this case, the process will actually only involve a thorough edit cycle. With technology-related documents, this process becomes very important as it involves not only the conversion of U.S. terminology to International English terminology, but also the conversion of units from imperial to metric scales. While converting units may often require simple mathematical steps, at times, the process requires complete redesign of tutorials and training procedures.

In order to ensure accurate conversion, GlobalVision offers quality International English translation. This service converts the spelling and terms into International English and units into the metric system. While English may be a top tear language, it is not the only one to consider. International English documents can henceforth be used to translate into any other language relying on the widely used metric system units as opposed to the imperial one supported only in the U.S. And you are in luck; GlobalVision supports 100+ language translations!

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