Language Localisation, Software Translation & Simultaneous Translations

The benefits of rapid language localisation for software

Software Translation, Language Localisation , Simultaneous Translations

Language Localisation

The translation of certain software or other products into different foreign languages involves language localisation to not only translate but to adapt the software or products for certain locales. The advantages for using language localisation are copious, starting with the fact that brand recognition increases when more people are able to read, understand and relate to what is being sold to them, or what they are using. The increase in a client’s target market is sure to boost not only awareness, but also sales. Effectively using language localisation in areas that have been researched and tested for product demand can make a huge difference.

Software Translation

Software translation is an integral component of globalization since it allows those embedding software programs into their products to expand globally. It also enables applications to be translated into any natural language so that they can be used by consumers around the world. Software is prevalent in almost everything in our daily life, like our phones, modern appliances, automobiles…

Software is ubiquitous. Applications with software are near infinite as new and old products are upgraded with software containing user interfaces. When software began being placed in automobiles, their consumption increased as Navigational GPS systems, blue tooth options, internet radio, weather warning and other internal car features became well-loved and very popular among many. Furthermore, autonomous cars seem to be in our immanent future. Advanced software will be driving these cars! Language localisation can make the software translation much more appealing. 

Simultaneous Translations

The effectiveness and benefits of simultaneous translations is well known. It enables simultaneous release. The ability to put out a product in multiple countries at the same time is very lucrative when tackling a larger market. Look at the hit app sensation, Pokemon Go for instance. Niantec and Nintendo opens in a new window released the app in the U.S., New Zealand Australia at the same time adding billions of dollars to their stock value almost instantaneously.

Later, they released the app in England. Imagine if they took the time to translate the app into other languages and released it into more countries at the same time? Right now the company is scrambling to make the app more available in the world, but the app craze may lose a bit of its steam before it can make it to their new objectives as international users may grow frustrated with the delays and lack of local support.

The advantages of simultaneous translations outweigh any disadvantages, and the app’s success also hinges Nintendo’s correct usage of software translation and language localisation. Here at Global Vision we ensure that all three of these key factors are placed on high priority and are achieved with the highest quality and care. If you have any questions regarding the use of translation and language localisation for software we would be happy to answer them! Remember, while going mobile, remain global!

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