Turkish Voice Over & Script Translation

Turkey's Politics & Language Go Hand in Hand!

Turkish Voice Over and Script TranslationIf you are considering doing Turkish voice over or Turkish script translation you are on the right track given the explosive economic growth Turkey went through this past decade. But first, let us look at a little history.

The Orient History

The Orient is a mixing pot of languages and cultures. One of which is famous for its history of Empirical rule during its expansion days, Turkey. Originally and during the entire Ottoman Empire’s expansion before World War One, the Turkish language, of Turkic origin, was transcribed using the Arabic script. The similarities Turkish had with Arabic were noticeable as the two languages have been mingling for over four centuries. However, after World War One, Turkey was in shambles, with literacy being approximately between 25-35% of the total population according to www.unesco.org opens in a new window. Under Turkey’s first President, Mustafa Kemal (Atatürk), the plan to become more western included transcribing the Turkish language using the Latin script instead of Arabic. Literacy increased (94% of adults today) and the country would experience a comeback as wise secular leaders would keep the economy and country stable.  With the current population of Turkey at nearly 80 million strong and the country applying to join the E.U., Turkey continues to commit to be westernized, while walking a fine line between its traditional Islamic and newer secular ways.

Turkey’s Economy & Recent Turmoil

Turkey’s major imports have been heavily invested in Machinery, Cars and Technology as seen in atlas.media.mit.edu opens in a new window 2014 research. The country stood as the 23rd largest importer of the world, importing approximately $219 billion worth of goods into the country. The country’s economy has shown signs of strong growth over recent years, and has continued its importing with vigor. However, it must be noted that a recent terror attack to the international airport in Istanbul and a political coup that was suppressed, have raised questions to Turkey’s stability. But the existing leadership has acted swiftly to regain firm control. This stumble may affect the future growth of the country or it may just blow over, time will tell. But if I was betting on the outcome, I will bet on the prosperity of Turkey. It is the gateway between the East and the West and the leading secular Islamic economy important to Western countries to remain stable.

The Turkish Language

The Turkish language use today is mainly in Turkey, Northern Cyprus and areas where Turkish citizens have immigrated. The number of people who speak Turkish are at a healthy 75 million.  Due to Turkey’s membership in NATO and close ties to European and North American countries, many companies and organizations have worked to adhere to the Turkish people language needs. While literacy in Turkey has gone up significantly since World War One, learning second languages including English has not made significant inroads across the country. Turkish Voice Over, script translation for subtitling and Turkish translation in general would therefore help international companies reach the multi-million populace of potential consumers.

The Turkish language had its impact on the Middle East because of the four hundred year rule of the Ottoman Empire, but other languages like Farsi and Arabic had a significant impact on it as well. The Turkish Language Association opens in a new window (TDK) was established in 1932 to remove foreign words from the Turkish language and replace them with original Turkish words. The bulk of the impact of this change has subsided in the 21st century as recent generations have grown accustomed to the new standard.

Turkish Voice Over & Script Translation

Turkish Translations are very common today as many countries eye the Turkish market and its phenomenal recent GDP growth. GlobalVision considers Turkish to be one of the top 15 business languages in the world and recommends making it one of the top tier languages to translate into.

With stable but continuing changes by the TDK, particularity in technological advancements, special attention to the vocabulary and terminology used during translations is needed. Only native and in-country Turk translators that are familiar with these changing standards should be involved in performing translation tasks. Furthermore, since spoken Turkish varied among generations due to major changes in the language in the 20th century, special attention should be paid when targeting certain age or other demographic groups. Younger translators and voice talents can provide more accurate modern Turkish translations and voice over.

Accuracy and Precision

For video subtitles, proper script translations can significantly decide how products impact Turkish audience demographics. Accurate and precise script translations are useful for subtitles in long foreign movies or highly technical instructional or informational videos, where the source language is preferred to be kept for those who can follow or benefit from it. At GlobalVision, we ensure that all translations including scripts or voice over are done by professionals versed in the modern Turkish lexicon and dialect, so all technicalities are precise and accurate.

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