August 2016

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  • How to Translate Medical Terminology Effectively

    Medical Terminology for BrainTranslating medical terminology can be tricky, and requires a special combination of language fluency, medical knowledge, and translation capability. If your company is searching for a translation agency to help you tackle tough medical terminology translations (and medical translations in general), here are a few things you should do, and keep an eye out for…

  • Mandarin Translator: Promoting a Company’s Brand

    mandarin translation servicesIf you have technology that you want to market in China (or Chinese-speaking regions around the world), or perhaps other types of goods and service, highly accurate Mandarin translation services are key to your company’s success. If your firm can zero in on the demographics you’re after, and get your message across in Chinese, you’ll be able to forge solid relationships with local partners, and build a good name for your company or product. When it comes to English Chinese translations (or any other language into Mandarin Chinese), things can get a little tricky if you work with translators who aren’t up on modern Chinese, local trends, or the constantly evolving business environment that is in China today.

  • Life Science Software Localization Explosive Growth

    Software in HealthcareRecently, Accolade has raised close to $100M to revolutionize the way personal health data is electronically processed. GE is also offering a healthcare platform that will capture and serve medical information about the athletes competing in the Rio Olympic Games. A multitude of healthcare analytics software is being developed and offered in an effort to deal with highly rampant medical costs.

  • Articulate Storyline Translation Benefits

    elearning translation servicesArticulate Storyline is an authoring tool that permits the creation of eLearning content and converting it to video and/or publishing it online. Its claim to fame is its ease of use in adding video, animation, motion, text, graphics, triggers, states and software simulations for videos, demos and tutorials. Storyline 2 is the latest version available from Articulate as of this writing.

  • How a Spanish Website Can Add to Your Customer Base

    website in spanishWhile there will probably always be some kind of messy debate around immigration in the United States, anyone who is serious about doing business north of the Rio Grande should consider offering their customers a website in Spanish (if they haven’t done so already). A professional website translation, along with web localization can do wonders for a company’s American customer base. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why.

  • Are the Olympics Truly Global?

    Are the Olympics Global?The recent news about Brazil’s disastrous economy and huge government scandal had stunned the world, leaving many worried about the progress of the pledged host country’s ability to make the arrangements. Fast forward to the now and everyone’s fears have been confirmed with huge problems erupting from different areas. Firstly the massive debt that has increased from the expensive stadiums and training grounds built for this one time event have stirred the angers of the people. Money that could have been used to improve the living conditions of the Brazilian populace like building needed transportation services have gone unnoticed, instead beach volleyball stadiums and track courts are built using a reckless amount of money.

  • Hungarian Translation Services and Medical Tourism

    Hungarian Translation ServicesBudapest and Hungary have become massive hubs for the medical tourism industry, ranging from corrective eye surgery and dentistry to elective cosmetic surgery and beyond. For businesses working in the medical field, as well as travel agencies and services looking to take advantage of medical tourism in this part of Europe, getting into the Hungarian market via professional Hungarian translation services — like those provided by GlobalVision — can assist you as you try to get ahead in this lucrative field.

  • Armenian Translation Services: Business Opportunities in Armenia

    Armenian Translation ServicesArmenia is a country with a long history. And while modern-day Armenia is not without its problems, we’d like to take a brief look at some of this nation’s influence on the world, and then examine how Armenian translation services can play an integral part in finding new business opportunities in Armenia, perhaps in conjunction with the substantial Armenian diaspora living abroad.

  • Portuguese Voice Over? Think Multilingual!

    Multilingual Voice Over Portuguese Voice OverAccording to world research, Portuguese is the 7th most spoken language in the world. It is the official language of 10 countries including Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique, as well as having influence within other countries like India and China. During the age of exploration, Portugal was an early leader in expansion. During the Age of Discovery (15th-18th century), the Portuguese sailed and discovered South America and found trade routes to Africa and Asia. These exploration days produced colonies that expanded their influence across several continents which still contain language influence today.