Armenian Translation Services: Business Opportunities in Armenia

Armenia Is No Stranger to Foreign Translations

Armenian Translation ServicesArmenia is a country with a long history. And while modern-day Armenia is not without its problems, we’d like to take a brief look at some of this nation’s influence on the world, and then examine how Armenian translation services can play an integral part in finding new business opportunities in Armenia, perhaps in conjunction with the substantial Armenian diaspora living abroad.

Ancient Armenian History

Armenia, a fairly small country that, with its modern borders, wedged in between Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran and Turkey, is one of the oldest nations on Earth. Records go back thousands of years, to the Bronze Age, and even to prehistoric times, with archaeologists finding evidence of stone tools, the oldest leather shoes on record, and curiously enough, the earliest known winery (over 6,000 years ago) ever discovered.

Foreign translations have always been important in this region, as Armenia (the first nation to officially adopt Christianity) is at a literal crossroads between empires, with Arab, Greek, Macedonian, Mongol, Persian, Roman, Russian and Ottoman dynasties trudging through, and often ruling all, or at least parts of Armenia. Of course, under rulers like Tigranes the Great, the Armenian Kingdom has also flourished, extending its territory from the Mediterranean to the Caspian Sea. But regardless if the Armenians were prospering, or fighting for survival, foreign translation became a big part of life, as traders, dignitaries, generals and foreign armies from different ethnic and linguistic regions often met up in Armenia.

Modern Armenian History

Armenia has experienced some difficult times in modern history, from massacres and occupations to genocide, which is why the Armenian diaspora — and the need for Armenian translation services — is so large. (More Armenians live outside the country than inside.) After Armenia gained its independence from the Soviet Union in 1990, things began to change, although relations have remained tense with neighboring Azerbaijan and Turkey.

Business Potential and Armenian Translation Services

When it comes to business opportunities, entrepreneurs and companies need to factor in Armenia’s hunger for new business, and the power of Armenians living abroad (providing business advice and translations). The capital of Armenia, Yerevan, is striving to become an international tech and startup hub, with cheap living and labour costs compared to the U.S. or Western Europe, and a talented pool of homegrown businesspeople and engineers eager to build new businesses, which is exemplified by the Enterprise Incubator Foundation opens in a new window (EIF), which is backed up by big names like Microsoft, Sun Microsystems and others. Armenians are also investing in IT education and promoting government incentives, including tax breaks opens in a new window and laws opens in a new window that protect, foster and favor foreign investors and investments.

Armenian translation services, like those provided by GlobalVision, dealing with all manner of business translations, offer a serious advantage to firms setting up shop in Armenia. According to the U.S. Department of State opens in a new window, “Armenia has strong human capital and a well educated population, particularly in the sciences. The high-tech and information technology (IT) sectors have attracted foreign investment … to take advantage of the country’s pool of qualified specialists.”

Armenian Translators

And while there are still hurdles to overcome in Armenia, as the country continues to climb up the index of nations where it’s easiest to do business opens in a new window, organizations that invest now, and make use of Armenian translation services provided by qualified Armenian translators will most likely be rewarded in the years to come.

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