Articulate Storyline Translation Benefits

Using Articulate Storyline to produce Multilingual eLearning Content

elearning translation servicesArticulate Storyline is an authoring tool that permits the creation of eLearning content and converting it to video and/or publishing it online. Its claim to fame is its ease of use in adding video, animation, motion, text, graphics, triggers, states and software simulations for creating professional videos, demos and tutorials. Storyline 2 is the latest version available Articulate as of this writing. Articulate Storyline Translation is a service that we offer here at GlobalVision to ensure that your eLearning content can be understood in a multitude of languages!

Articulate Localization

Articulate localization features allow the extraction of the text to translate in an easy to process XLIFF XML-based format and the re-import of the translated text for multilingual publishing. Translation can take place in most traditional translation memory tool enabling the storage and retrieval of translated text and facilitating future updates of the multilingual eLearning content.

When audio is present, the audio script localization can take place by translating the script and having voice over talent record the translated text into multilingual audio files. Proper audio syncing permits full Articulate Storyline localization of text, graphics, animation as well as the audio, engaging end users fully in their native languages.

Articulate Storyline Translation

Many companies use Articulate Storyline to create demos and tutorials for their products and post them online enabling users to access them at their leisure. Articulate Storyline translation and eLearning translation services enable companies to post their demos and tutorials into many languages, reaching their international users helping generate more interest and minimizing the load on their international support groups.

Also, companies use Articulate to provide internal training to their employees. When companies go global, this content will need to be localized to meet the needs of their international staff. Human resources departments in global organizations are awakened to the real world benefits offered by these tools in efficiently reaching and educating their workforce.

eLearning Translation Services

If your company is looking for an eLearning translation service, identify a vendor that can not only handle language translation needs, but also understands the nuances involved in providing professional quality voice talent that will not only meet the language needs of your international users, but that will fully engage them in the eLearning experience.

After all, the intent of online demos and tutorials are to teach and convince users of the value of the product or service you are offering. They are not simply there to enable you to check a box on your list of marketing offerings when building your marketing mix.

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