Hungarian Translation Services and Medical Tourism

Understanding Hungary’s Medical Tourism Boom

Hungarian Translation ServicesBudapest and Hungary have become massive hubs for the medical tourism industry, ranging from corrective eye surgery and dentistry to elective cosmetic surgery and beyond. For businesses working in the medical field, as well as travel agencies and services looking to take advantage of medical tourism in this part of Europe, getting into the Hungarian market via professional Hungarian translation services — like those GlobalVision provides — can assist you as you try to get ahead in this lucrative field.

Hungary’s Medical Tourism Boom

During the 1980s and 90s, especially after the end of communism in Central and Eastern Europe, people living in Austria and Germany (near Hungary, a former Soviet satellite state) discovered that they could access quality, well-trained surgeons in Hungary — a country with a universal healthcare system for its own tax-paying citizens — for a fraction of the cost they would normally pay at home.

Soon, as word spread about how inexpensive cosmetic, dental, eye and other surgeries were in Budapest, Hungary grew in popularity further afield (in the UK, for example) as a medical tourism destination. With internationally recognized medical standards and training (many Hungarian doctors work abroad opens in a new window), and the advent of inexpensive airfare from a variety of destinations in Europe and elsewhere, medical practitioners and companies were able to capitalize on Hungary’s stellar reputation for providing excellent medical services and cutting edge technologies at extremely reasonable prices, thus attracting more clients from aboard.

Hungarian Translation Services, Dentistry and Elective Surgery

Hungary is now known as the “World Capital of Dentistry opens in a new window.” When it comes to dentistry and oral surgery, Hungary apparently has more dentists per capita that any other country on the planet, with many centered around Budapest, but also in towns like Mosonmagyarovar (try saying that name quickly, five times in a row) and Sopron.

With an army of dentists, plus a ton of qualified doctors and surgeons offering the latest in laser corrective eye surgery, hair transplants opens in a new window, face and neck lifts, as well as plenty of other cosmetic procedures, “tourists” are flocking to Hungary to get their teeth fixed, and other body parts fixed as well.

This reserve of affordable medical talent means surgeons are seeking new customers, tourist agencies are looking for clients to send, and companies working in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries now have a fertile ground to hunt for new opportunities. Hungarian, and international businesspeople, need to rely on quality Hungarian translation services for document translations and medical translations to tackle local regulations, set up shop, attract new customers, and sound the horn about doing business in Hungary.

Hire the Best Translation Agency

If you’re thinking about getting into Hungary’s medical tourism market, or directing clients and tourists there, GlobalVision can help. With first-rate Hungarian translation services, and all manner of medical and legal document translation knowhow, not to mention Hungarian website localization and translation options, GlobalVision’s experienced team can assist you with all of your Hungarian translation needs.

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