Explosive Growth of Software in Healthcare

Taking Healthcare Software Products Overseas Requires Experts!

Software in HealthcareRecently, Accolade has raised close to $100M to revolutionize the way personal health data is electronically processed. GE is also offering a healthcare platform that will capture and serve medical information about the athletes competing in the Rio Olympic Games. A multitude of healthcare analytics software is being developed and offered in an effort to deal with highly rampant medical costs.

It is estimated that by 2020, the Healthcare Analytics Market in Europe alone will exceed $5 Billion with a compounded annual growth rate of 25%! Healthcare Analytics software enables providing the best suited treatment for patients in high risk or with medical condition patterns, while streamlining treatments and the processes involved in preforming them.

Life Science Translation

U.S. based healthcare and medical device companies should take notice of the trends in Europe and the rest of the world. Working on building a robust strategy to enter European markets with E.U. certified products requires full and proper localization.

“Quality life science translation in general is not easy to implement. It requires specialized expertise in the involved subjects and solid comprehension of medical concepts and terminology,” said Nabil Freij President of GlobalVision, a translation and localization company specialized in the medical and software fields. “Compound that with the need to perform user interface localization which requires the ability to handle software code without breaking it and you have a challenge on your hands that only experts can properly handle.”

The localization process that needs to be involved to achieve the efficiencies required to meet strict budgetary and time to market constraints can only be achieved with the use of a robust translation management system. Similar to healthcare analytic software, translation management systems are used to manage translation projects from the start till the end to ensure accuracy, consistency and efficient delivery. They are a must for any complex localization project, particularly when it involves regulated personally-sensitive content and requires the use of various specialized professionals throughout the different steps of the process.

Healthcare Localization Services

Many vendors offer healthcare localization services. But only a few can handle the healthcare component while performing the needed software localization services! Software adds another layer of complexity that should only be dealt with by using highly experienced software localization staff.

“For your medical translation jobs, you can opt to rely on your in-country vendors, or usual third party translation vendor. But when software is involved, get experts in both healthcare and software involved,” said Freij. “The extra costs involved in hiring the right professionals far outweigh the inferior quality, delays in release and possible product recalls that ensue…” Investing in the health of your localized healthcare software should be intuitive!

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