How a Spanish Website Can Add to Your Customer Base

Spanish Translations in the United States: Tapping Into Huge Markets

spanish websiteWhile there will probably always be some kind of messy debate around immigration in the United States, anyone who is serious about doing business north of the Rio Grande should consider offering their customers a website in Spanish (if they haven’t done so already). A professional website translation, along with web localization can do wonders for a company’s American customer base. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why.

More Spanish Speakers in the U.S. than in Spain

In the United States, there are now more Spanish speakers than in Spain — the country where the modern Spanish language originated in the first place! According to a report by the Instituto Cervantes opens in a new window (a government institution set up by Spain to promote Spanish literature and language globally) from 2015, there are 41 million native speakers of Spanish in the U.S., plus 11 million people who are bilingual, while in Spain, you’ll find around 46 million people or so — some of whom aren’t even native Spanish speakers. And the number in America is set to grow by tens of millions in the coming decades. Even more astonishing is the fact that the only country on Earth with more Spanish speakers than the United States is Mexico!

The Power of Spanish Web Localization in the States

Since millions upon millions of Spanish speakers call the United States their home, a hefty chunk of the American population (potential customers) would really appreciate, and naturally gravitate towards websites that have Spanish language sections localized in Spanish. Regardless of what a firm might be selling, from mobile devices and software to medical hardware and healthcare related goods and services, if your company isn’t building a professional website translation that also offers a Spanish option, you’re missing out on business opportunities. In many instances, Spanish web localization provides a clear path toward business grow.

The Benefits of Professional Website Translations in Spanish

With so many Spanish speakers in the U.S., it might be tempting for a small to medium-sized business to simply hire someone they know personally to translate and help build a website in Spanish for their company. The problem with this approach is that you can never be sure of the quality you’ll be getting, and costs can quickly accumulate as errors will have to be fixed, and new materials will have to be translated and then integrated into the existing cache of translated documents and webpages.

By working with a translation company with years of experience, costs are clear up front, and in the long run, you’ll most likely save money, as your customers will be happy with the quality of Spanish you’ve provided. Updating and changing your Spanish website will also be much easier when you work with a professional agency like GlobalVision, which provides search engine geo-optimization for Spanish (and other languages), maintenance packages allowing a business to run multilingual sites that are synchronized with the original source language, translation and localization for web-enabled apps, and many other time-saving services.

By employing a professional translating agency to build a professional website for your company in Spanish, you can increase your company’s customer base in the U.S., and prepare your business for the anticipated massive growth of Spanish speakers in the years to come.

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