September 2016

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  • Medical Software Translation & the Growth of Healthcare Localization

    Medical Translation Healthcare Software LocalizationWith rising economic powers like China and India investing in medical tech, not to mention the continued demand for healthcare software and technology research in Europe, Japan, North America and beyond, the growth of the medical software market in international healthcare is set to expand, which of course means a corresponding rise in medical translation jobs.

  • Subtitle Translator: How to Help Businesses Reach Local Audiences

    subtitles localizationDepending on where you are in the world, if you want to catch a film or television show in a language other than your own, you generally have two options, which are reading subtitles (often called legends), or listening to voice actors dub over the lines of other actors likes Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt or Kerry Washington. This is where subtitles localization really comes in handy, which you will discover when working with video translation experts and audio video translation services. The key is knowing when and where to dub, and when and where to sub (subtitle).

  • Articulate Storyline Localization: Powerful, Regional eLearning Content

    Articulate Storyline LocalizationThe appetite for eLearning content worldwide is massive. And since this content and training can be exported around the planet, the need for eLearning translation services, as well as Articulate Storyline localization, is huge — and only set to grow in the future. Let’s take a look at why this is, and how GlobalVision can help your company build powerful, regionally focused eLearning content.

  • Global Translations and the Power of Authenticity

    Global TranslationsThe planet is a big place, full of all kinds of different languages, many related to one another, while others are off on their own (language isolates) like the Basque language, or exist in smaller groupings, like the Finno-Ugric languages (Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian). And even though, from an economic and commercial standpoint, some languages and global translations stand out more than others due to their worldwide presence — Chinese, English, French and Spanish come to mind — there are plenty of less common languages that need to be translated for business purposes as well. When it comes to global translations, it’s very important to appreciate how the power of professional human translation can improve authentic local translations, which in turn help your company’s message come across much more effectively.