Articulate Storyline Localization: Powerful, Regional eLearning Content

The Benefits of Working With an eLearning Translation Service

Articulate Storyline LocalizationThe appetite for eLearning content worldwide is massive. And since this content and training can be exported around the planet, the need for eLearning translation services, as well as Articulate Storyline localization, is huge — and only set to grow in the future. Let’s take a look at why this is, and how GlobalVision can help your company build powerful, regionally focused eLearning content.

What is Articulate Storyline?

Articulate Storyline is eLearning authoring software that makes the task of producing wonderful, interactive online and software-based educational content — encompassing multimedia (video, text, slides and more) materials, and all kinds of training courses — intuitive and easy to accomplish. Pretty much anyone can create eLearning modules that look great, and help educate, with Articulate Storyline’s user-friendly interface.

That being said, once an educational package has been authored in Articulate Storyline, Articulate Storyline localization comes into play. That’s how a business can ensure that their eLearning training courses reach as many people around the world as needed, or possible.

The Benefits of Articulate Storyline Localization

Companies that operate in different parts of the world can take full advantage of the creation of an effective eLearning course by working with eLearning translation services that are familiar with Articulate Storyline opens in a new window, and all of the wonderful digital translation tools that come with it. And even though the designers of Articulate Storyline have thought a lot about translations, a significant digital translation skillset is still needed to turn Articulate Storyline translations into exemplary eLearning products that work in a variety of languages.

How to Localize Articulate Assets?

By planning ahead and employing a translation service that understand how Articulate Storyline localization operates, and how it can be applied to different languages, the language localization process can be streamlined — which usually saves costs in the long run. Importing and exporting files, translating to the target language, character coding, dealing with audio files (transcribing, translating, recruiting voice talent, recording, synchronizing audio with animation and video, editing audio, plus a whole lot more) all need to be looked after by a skilled project manager. The project manager knows how to work with a lot of moving parts, and knows how to get the most out of different team members bringing specialized language and technical skills to any given Articulate Storyline translation project.

How eLearning Translations Can Help Your Business Grow

And while Articulate localization — or the localization of other eLearning software platforms, like Adobe Captivate or iSpring Suite opens in a new window for PowerPoint — can be fairly demanding, the effort generally pays off.

The realm of eLearning is one of the most important modes of educational training (businesses, tech companies, public institutions, schools) out there today. And as we’ve already stated, it’s increasing by leaps and bounds. That means eLearning will be around for years to come, providing innovative ways to educate a labor force, from factory workers and technology professionals to managers, salespeople and beyond. This is why Articulate Storyline localization and eLearning translation services, like those provided by GlobalVision, are vital for any business growing internationally that wants to train partners and staff in the most targeted, affordable manner possible.

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