Global Translations and the Power of Authenticity

Professional Human Translation Improving Translations for Common and Rarer Languages Alike

Global TranslationsThe planet is a big place, full of all kinds of different languages, many related to one another, while others are off on their own (language isolates) like the Basque language, or exist in smaller groupings, like the Finno-Ugric languages (Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian). And even though, from an economic and commercial standpoint, some languages and global translations stand out more than others due to their worldwide presence — Chinese, English, French and Spanish come to mind — there are plenty of less common languages that need to be translated for business purposes as well. When it comes to global translations, it’s very important to appreciate how the power of professional human translation can improve authentic local  and global translations, which in turn help your company’s message come across much more effectively.

Finding and Vetting Qualified Professional Translators

The first step in making the most of professional human translation in the massive marketplace of global translations is finding — to use a non-scientific term here — a really awesome translator. This is a complex task that GlobalVision has distilled down to a structured science.

By creating a hierarchy of the most commonly requested languages (don’t worry, rarer languages opens in a new window are also covered), and then implementing a thorough ISO9001-certified translator qualification process, which includes translators living in their country of origin, advanced university degrees, a strict testing regime in languages and fields of expertise, a rigorous trial period outside of the standard client work flow schedules, and more, GlobalVision ensures that they only work with and employ the best global translation talent available.

The Human Element in Authentic Global Translations

And why are professional human translations so important? Yes, there’s a ton of machine translation out there, as well as translators without a lot of professional experience (or lacking formal education) who may or may not do a decent job with the task you assign them. But when it comes to the important details of authenticity in language, where mistakes can hurt your business if your global translation team isn’t aware of the intricacies of regional dialects, the correct terminology in a specific field, or how best to compose accurate translations, your translated messages can miss the mark — and sin of sins, end up costing your company clients and revenue.

Language matters, and it needs to be handled with finesse and skill when communicating in a common language, and especially when it comes to translation.

The Benefits of Professional Human Translation

Foreign language translation services, like GlobalVision, through years of experience understand just how vital professional human translation is when it comes to delivering high-level content. Languages are living things that are constantly in flux. When looking at global translations of common languages and less common languages alike, accomplished translators who are living and experiencing the target languages on a daily basis add a level of quality, insight and authenticity that machines and amateur translators simply can’t hope to match..

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