Medical Software Translation & the Growth of Healthcare Localization

Efficiently Managing Costs for Healthcare Software Translation Projects

Medical Translation Healthcare Software LocalizationWith rising economic powers like China and India investing in medical tech, not to mention the continued demand for healthcare software and technology research in Europe, Japan, North America and beyond, the growth of the medical software market in international healthcare is set to expand, which of course means a corresponding rise in medical software translation and healthcare localization.

When a company needs to translate documentation for medical devices, the user interface for medical software, or localize medical software for different regional audiences, it’s important to work with a translation service like GlobalVision — as well as an easy-to-use, intuitive translation management system — in order to handle the complicated, interwoven tasks of translation and software implementation that go into a comprehensive medical software localization project.

Software Localization Services & Healthcare Software Growth

With so many new companies opens in a new window getting into the healthcare business recently, and healthcare IT budgets growing by leaps and bounds (onsite applications, cyber security, interfacing with and making use of cloud computing ability), the drive to make healthcare more efficient domestically, and then export that knowhow overseas is likely to increase. A big part of building better healthcare networks, aside from greater transparency, efficiency, and better access to healthcare professionals, is healthcare software localization.

Regardless if consumers and patients are using healthcare tech at home, or in a more controlled environment (a clinic or hospital, for example), medical software localization is how a company can ensure that its product is handled by skilled native translators and experienced project managers who are able to integrate detailed localized translations with medical software and technology in a seamless manner — guaranteeing that the end product fits the sociocultural and linguist niche that the executives, software designers and marketing team want it to.

Translation Management Systems Reducing Healthcare Software Translation Costs

With so many parts in play when it comes to medical translations and software localization services, a premier translation management system (TMS) is often the linchpin that holds this mixture of language and technology together. At GlobalVision, we believe a translation management system is so important to a project’s success, in fact, that we offer our TMS free of charge with our translation and software localization services.

By giving all stakeholders secure access to the assets of a software translation project, costs can be reduced significantly. Making the localization process simpler to execute, track, alter, report on and discuss, as well as giving a business the power to monitor translation assets (query databases, translation memory, terminology databases and more) all help streamline the workflow and process for everyone involved (executives, managers, localizers, in-country proofreaders, etc.). This in turn saves time and money by making a complicated project easy to track. A transparent, updated TMS allows the client and translation team to focus on managing the user interface localization tasks despite their many updates and iterations and optimizing the localization process to streamline their release— rather than get caught up in costly repetitive tasks and administration duties.

Healthcare Localization

Having a detailed god’s eye view of a medical translations lets healthcare localization services keep costs down by facilitating easy communication with clients, translators and technical experts alike. This lets the translation tasks at hand get tackled in the most cost-effective, efficient manner possible. And these factors, when put together, all translate into a better and safer product at the end of the day.

Medical Translation

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