November 2016

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  • Audio Video Translations with eLearning Translation Services

    eLearning Translation ServicesThe world of eLearning means many different things to many different kinds of people, nonprofit organizations, and of course local and international businesses. If your goal is to increase the value and reach of your eLearning products, services and the number of people trained, then working with an eLearning service focused on how to localize eLearning, as well as video-audio translation, is most likely the way forward.

  • The Advantages of Working with U.S. Translation Companies

    U.S. Translation CompaniesEven though China and India are booming economically, and the state of globalization and liberal democracies are definitely in flux (or perhaps in peril) these days, the United States is still the largest, most robust economy on the planet. While experts will continue to debate what the future global economy may bring, or look like in the years to come, many financial advantages can still be had by working with U.S. translation companies.

  • Engineering Translations Improve Localization Processes

    Localization Process Engineering TranslationsWhen it comes to technical and engineering translations, a practiced translation service like GlobalVision understands how important it is to work with qualified translators with engineering and technical backgrounds. Apart from the core job of nailing down accurate technical and industrial translations, a translation team working on different localization projects often needs to focus on the formatting and design aspects of the end product as well. This can include schematics, training manuals, technical drawings, safety and installation multimedia presentations, CAD drawings, user interfaces and more.