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The world of eLearning means many different things to many different kinds of people. Also, it means different things to nonprofit organizations, and local and international businesses.

Do you want to increase the value and reach of your eLearning products, services and the number of people trained? Then why not work with an eLearning service focused on how to localize eLearning, as well as video-audio translation?

By accurately translating and localizing the content of your eLearning packages, you can ensure that the widest number of people will have linguistic access to your eLearning modules now, and in the years to come.

eLearning content includes text, audio, video, slides, graphics and any other multimedia components that make up your business’s eLearning courses and software (text-based, interactive, synchronous or asynchronous).

This is where GlobalVision’s years of video audio localization experience can really help a company flourish.

Why Companies Should Localize eLearning Courses

If your company wants to venture beyond its own backyard, then localizing the eLearning courses you use to train employees, and also inform people about the products and services you promote and sell, is an excellent way to transition into the global marketplace.

Audio video translation, slides, text and an array of useful eLearning materials need to be accessible to the populations you’re targeting with your eLearning courses. The world is a big place, full of potential new employees, and millions of new customers. Multimedia translations of synchronous (classrooms, online sessions, time dependent) and asynchronous (self-directed study) eLearning courses can help ensure that your message, training programs, and core commercial values are heard and seen clearly, in a variety of languages that regionally-based consumers and employees can easily understand.

The Far-Reaching Power of Audio Video Translation

With eLearning branching out into competency-based training opens in a new window, mobile phone-based learning, the “gamification opens in a new window” of eLearning (making education fun and motivational) — while tweaking authoring tools and learning management systems (LMS), making them easier and easier to use — multimedia translation woven into eLearning courses has now become more important than ever. And eLearning translations will continue to be vital to the success of training options focused on electronic-based distance learning well into the future.

GlobalVision understands just how important translation, from voice over localization to audio video translation, plus all manner of multimedia translation and video and audio localization is to creating quality, operational eLearning products. Our eLearning localization and translation experts know how to deal with the myriad of details and complex interactions eLearning courses and programs often present — and then seamlessly integrate translations (text, audio, video, voice overs, more) into any language or type of software clients request.

Translating for the eLearning industry can present many technical difficulties at times. GlobalVision knows how to solve these problems and deliver accurate and effective translations. This is for all kinds of eLearning courses that can teach people important new skills.

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