The Advantages of Working with U.S. Translation Companies

Comparing Quality with Lower Translation Rates

U.S. Translation CompaniesEven though China and India are booming economically, and the state of globalization and liberal democracies are definitely in flux (or perhaps in peril) these days, the United States is still the largest, most robust economy on the planet. While experts will continue to debate what the future global economy may bring, or look like in the years to come, many financial advantages can still be had by working with U.S. translation companies.

Firms need to weigh costs, convenience, and translation expertise when looking for a reliable, familiar translation partner to employ. When it comes to translation projects like audio and video translations, medical and technical document translations, or translating software manuals and eLearning apps, working alongside a U.S. translation company is often easier, and simpler for businesses based in the U.S., or for foreign businesses planning to promote their products and services in North America.

U.S. Translation Companies Offer Home Field Advantages

Translation and localization solutions provided by a U.S. translation company offer several “ins” that most non-U.S. translation services just can’t hope to match. First off, a professional American translation service already knows how to work with the nuances of Standard American English opens in a new window, as well as how to deal with American-based technical industry jargon, measurement units, common slang (and shifts in local vernaculars), differing regional dialects, and of course how other languages are used and spoken (notably Spanish) in the United States. It’s important to remember that the U.S. is not a linguist monolith, and there are many different approaches when translating for broad, as well as niche American markets.

American-based companies looking to enter overseas markets can also take heart when employing skilled U.S. translation companies to expand their international footprint. Homegrown translation services can walk American businesses through the various translation, regulatory and cultural hurdles that may arise in foreign counties, and how foreign ways of doing business, and perceptions (of a service, concept or product) can differ from the norms an American or Canadian company has grown accustomed to at home.

Why Lower Translation Rates Don’t Always Cut Overall Costs

When typing in a browser search for “Translation Company USA,” or perhaps “US Translation Company,” it’s important to remember that while you’ll come across plenty of search results, quality and translation expertise vary considerably from service to service.

GlobalVision, with decades of translation experience under its belt, tends to take the long view when it comes to lowering overall translation costs for a company and keeping translation budgets in check, while still maintaining the highest quality when it comes to the translation end product — no matter what that product might be (legal documents, medical labels, software localization, websites, whitepapers, etc.).

By employing a state-of-the-art Translation Management System, being extremely clear about services and rates (some companies surprise clients with extra costs down the road), and utilizing the best translators and experts in the business, GlobalVision offers customers professionalism and transparency (costs, workflows, and more), plus an exemplary track record of consistently delivering excellent translations at fair prices.

While lower translation rates are important, quality translations are even more so. GlobalVision is a U.S. translation company that provides the familiarity of working with an American company, while also delivering extremely high standards when it comes to the business of translation.

10 Tips On Achieving Quality in Translation and Localization

10 Tips on Achieving Quality in Translation and Localization

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